Elk 30 vs. Certainteed 30: sealing of the shingles

Elk Prestique High Definition 30 vs. Certainteed 30 Landmark:

ELK – tar is on the back side of the upper layer.
Certainteed - tar strip is on the front side of the lower layer.

Does back tar location mean better sealing of the shingles?

What brand (ELK or Certainteed) would you recommend for late fall reroofing in Midwest-North central area (sealing, brittleness, et cetera)?

Both brands of shingles are a good pick. Both Elk and Certainteed are very reputable companies and now the final decision is yours.

The Elk brand usually costs a little more so if price is a factor choose Certainteed. Then again if you follow that saying that says you get what you pay for. Go for the Elk. he he he… Hope this helps.

I do roofing in Utah so find out what the locals like best. Just stay away frrom Owen Corning… No offense to the Pink Panther though.

For the past two years the Landmarks have had the tar on the bottom side of the shingle.

Elks cost less here in MN than Certainteed Landmarks.

My choice is a no brainer as owner operator 50 plus roofs a years, Certainteed Landmark.

Elk Prest. ?'s, I’ll pass any day. Sorry Elk guy’s but IMO, there JUNK.

i agree with doug

Was just getting ready to install Elk Prestige Plus 50 year shingles on my house. Two posters have said they are junk in this thread alone. Also, have heard other negative comments about Elk on this website. Most people say Elk is a good company with a good product but I am concerned about the number of strongly negative posts.

For those of you who think Elk shingles are junk, please give me some specifics. It will be just as easy for me to use GAF or Certainteed.

My roofer says he likes Elk because they have the “best” sealing strip and have a transferrable warranty, which is important to me because I might be selling my house in less than 5 years.

Having just had Prestique I 40-yrs installed (favored by my roofer), I’d like to know too. I’d like to know from the homeowner perspective, not the installer perspective.


I install mostly GAF shingles for 25 years. They do not blow off.

Most shingles that blow off are not nailed right.

Did you get a copy of this transferable warranty? Or just the roofers say so?


  1. CertainTeed

Shingles installed in the fall or winter may not seal until the following spring… Failure of the shingles to seal under any of the above circumstances is not a manufacturing defect and
CertainTeed will not be responsible for repairing, replacing or hand-sealing any shingles under
any such circumstance.

Limited Wind Warranty
(Landmark 30-50 year) shingle products are warranted to resist blow-off damage due to wind velocities… during the first five (5) year period following application of the shingles.
If any such blow-off damage does occur during those initial time periods after application, CertainTeed will furnish replacement
shingles without charge for those shingles damaged (but will not be responsible for labor costs pertaining to removal or replacement of damaged shingles). If the applied shingles contain self-sealing asphalt strips, and if any of these strips fail to activate within the first year following application, CertainTeed shall have no liability under this warranty for such a defect unless CertainTeed is afforded the opportunity to hand-seal, at its expense, any non-sealing shingles.

certainteed.com/NR/rdonlyres … rranty.pdf

  1. ELK

The Limited Wind Warranty applies only until the fifth anniversary of the date of original installation of the Shingles, and ELK’s liability for any breach of the Limited Wind Warranty is limited to ELK’s obligation to pay the reasonable cost of replacing Shingles that have blown off and the reasonable cost of manually sealing any unsealed Shingles which have had adequate exposure to heat.

ELK shall not be liable for… failure of any Shingles to seal due to insufficient heat exposure or direct sunlight.

elkcorp.com/homeowners/warra … stique.cfm

So, CertainTeed does say that they NEVER be liable for non-sealing problem in case of fall-winter shingle installation. Don’t they?

It seems to me that ELK stands for their products at fall-winter installation to a greater extent than CertainTeed.

Elk’s transferrable warranty is clearly spelled out in writing. The roofer is givng me a 5 year workmanship warranty. I do not know if it is transferrable…I have not asked him that question yet.

As far as certainteed is concerned if the contractor is certified with them they can give you a transferable warranty at little to no cost depending on the contractor. Sealing has never been a problem from the installs i have been assocated with. Certainteeds contractor program is based on what you know not who am i writting the check out to.