Elk asphalt shingles

Does anyone know if ELK shingle warrants were passed on to GAF when they bought ELK in 2006?
So, would GAF be responsible for prorating if shingle developed problems during the warranty period. My ELK shingle is now 31 yrs old and the shingle on it has i believe a 40 or 50 yr period.

Does anyone know how i would go about implementing the warranty and what i would get out of it?

What do you mean by “problems”? I don’t know for sure however I highly doubt you’ll get a dollar out of a 31 yr old shingle esp when the manufacturer has been bought out by the competition. Perhaps look up local GAF reps on their website and talk to them.

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Even if they paid, you’d get 19/50 of the price of singles 31 years ago. In other words, don’t waste your time.


31 years ago those shingles were only warrantied for 25 years.

Yeah good point roof lover. I don’t think the shingles rated for 40 and 50 yrs existed 31 yrs ago.

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What are the pluses and minuses of not tearing off the 1st layer of shingles on my roof? I know that this will save me approx. $8000. on a 75 square roof.
What is your expertise say to do? I dont plan to be in this house more than 3 years.
The shingles which are on the roof now are 31 yeas old.
Thank you for your feedback.
I am located in a suburb of Phila.

What is the pitch of the roof? Rafters or trusses? Rafter span? If 24", is it H clipped? Deck thickness? Water damaged deck?

Pluses: you save money
Minuses: the buyer gets shafted