Elk bought by GAF

Im sure most of you know Elk has been bought by GAF. ill be getting some $ soon for my Elk stock.


old news…i got a fax in nov. from GAF notifying me.

Well then they might make a better product then.

I never liked Elk anyway. Glad to hear GAF is in process of buying them out. Had lunch with my GAF rep about a week ago. Nothing finalized as of yet is what he told me. I keep following in Crains. This will be another Certainteed Celotex thhing. Buy out your competiton and then get rid of that line. Celotex went away after Certainteed bought them. Elk will go away once GAF buys them is my guess.

i wish **IKO **would go away. actually i dont because when they fail in 10 years i will have that much more bussiness.

Please dont wish IKO would go away. They have kept 90% of all roofers in business due to inferiior products. I won’t tuch an IKO shingle to put on a new roof. I just can’t wait for the iko’s of today to fail. Job security !!

Oh come on IKO is the greatest single money maker for the enitre us. Replacing them that is. I would not put them on a dog house.

the buy out was finallized last night at 12 midnight. I here they are going to leave the elk line alone for at least a year.

my gaf rep says they have a conference call with the big wigs tommorrow morning to find out what is going on. he thinks they are gonna kill the brand and just use thier facilities and staff to make more gaf

but they could have built more plants cheaper (by about half) if all they wanted to do was increase capacity.

But they still would have the competion. Buying them eliminates Elk from the picture. More market share. It makes sense.


If they needed manufactruring space there are less expensive brands to buy.

Like they bought some of Atlas plants.

You never know thou.

Like Certainteed did to Celotex GAF will do with ELK.


Celotex shingles were junk. It is not the same thing.

There must be some product line they want.

It is called the big guy buys out the small and up and coming guy so the big guy doesn’t have the competition. The rich get richer. Celotex was the same way but offered more colors. At least they had different colors than the tradional GAF or Certainteed. Everywhere you look you see GAF or Certainteed and Celotex put a different twist on it. Yes - I agree with you - they were not very good but they did make a pretty good dimensional. Three tabs were for the birds.

Never mind me im just losing my mind.


Are you saying they bought celotex for the colors they had? I do not know if I understood what you where trying to get at.

Not me.

actually 3-tabs are for pros,how many illegals canline up a 3-tab shingle so it looks right :wink: