Elk or Timberline - which color/style if I want slate look?


I am new here and about to tear out all my hair. :expressionless:

We’re building, and I am making all of the decisions and am a bit overwhelmed.

Our builder uses Elk or Timberline, and I am wanting a non-shingle-y looking shingle. (I know, I know.) :wink:

What I hope I can find is something irregular in color and shape that roughly approximates the look of slate without spending a fortune on the roof. (Mid range to pricey is OK - just not skyhigh.)

Sooo, any guidance on Elk or Timberline shingles in a darker greyish color with a kind of random (natural) look to them would be great!


timberline is a style made by GAF. i might suggest GAF grand sequioa if you would like a different looking roof. dont let your builder install it, as it does not have the same installation technique as timberlines. make him sub contract a reputable (& knowledgable) roofer. you can view the different styles & colors at http://www.gaf.com. where are you building at?

Thanks for the info.

We are building in NC about an hour from Raleigh.

I know he will be using a local sub - he has already provided me with a list of names of who he will be using.

You could check his certifications and previous jobs he has done. You could check out if he is a certified:
GAF contractor http://www.gaf.com/General/GafMain.asp?Silo=RES1&WS=GAF or an Elk preferred contractor http://www.elkcorp.com/planning/findcontractor.cfm
If he is going to lay any type of shingles I would check prior work.


Use GAF Slateline shingles. They give you the look of slate.

Click where it tells you to. It will show you a picture of the shingles on a house. The picture of the shingles is not there. The link is, so just click on the red x.


Tamko’s Lamarite looks really good, too, but I do not know the cost.

also lamorite is a synthetic shingle it is not asphault. just so you know. i have no preference either way.

arent asphalt shingles synthetic also? Just to be a little too technical :slight_smile:

I would recommend the New Grand Slate by GAF. It now comes with a shadow line and gives off the appearance of slate.

Elk “Capstone” is a fine shingle. has very unique look, and some rare colors

Damn Aaron, you beat me to the punch. Good job!

Tamko Lamrite is a synthetic slate (plastics and stuff) but is also very $$ to buy and is not a shingle the normal everyday roofer puts on. This shingle needs special attention on install and can be a costly learning mistake if someone who doesn’t know how to do it does it.

Thisd is the basic shingle/slate install, from what I understand.

Maybe not asphalt shingle, but I bet I could do them…when dennis comes over. :shock: