Elk shingles warranty issues

I have a customer who has had her ELK Pristique HD shingles on her house for less than 15 years. Has plenty of ventilation, but the shingles look like they are over 30 years old with all of the shingles falling apart, granular loss with every shingle, very brittle, etc. . . But, the homeowner has her warranty from ELK and have sent off a sample of the shingles to ELK and they say that it isn’t there shingle. I have seen this same exact shingle defective on numerous properties in the past and wanted to see if anyone else has had the same issues with the warranty?

How many layers are on the roof ?,

If it isnt there shingle then its not Elk is it ? :?

Check your agreement when you install your roofing system before talk should be check rules mention age limit then don’t solve your problems you can contact court and gets your rights.

And what are you smoking?

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And what are you smoking?[/quote]

robert… thats just a spam bot, so the links in his sig show up as many times as possible.

I have to agree with RooferJ.,what gain could be had by Elk saying it was not their material.Sooner or later it would come out.

417 have your homeowner pay for a test with ITEL…,They are a neutral entity who could care less either way.

There is no “Elk” any longer.

GAF acquired in 2006/2007 and dropped the “Elk” portion of the name this year.

15 years is about average for most roofs depending on climate/ventilation/etc.

Elk shingles are fairly easy to identify. Is there any wording on the back of the shingle? i.e. “Myerstown”?

I’ve had GAF warranty 3 roofs for manufacture defect. They were all P-1’s, installed in around 2001. I can tell you that part of the warranty process included proof of purchase. At 15yrs old, the pro-rate would leave you with little or nothing.
If you’ve already sent a shingle off and Tech said it wasn’t theirs, then unless you have proof of purchase, you’re out of luck. Try posting a pick of your shingle here. Between all of us, We’ve pretty much seen them all. Give us a measurement of reveal and length.

I am agree with you.,what gain could be had by Elk saying it was not their material.Sooner or later it would come out.

If it was in fact Gaf Elk shingles, most companies give you a warranty/included in the warranty is a manufacturer warranty for the shingles, in which case it would obviously state which shingles were used. Most people would keep their warranty with a purchase as big as new roof. She must have “some” proof?

LOL. Material warranty claim on a 15 year old roof? What are you gonna get out of the manufacturer? 50% of the value of the shingles when they were purchased and only for the affected portion of the roof?

Say the shingles costs $31 per square fifteen years ago. $31 x 50% (+/- half of the lifetime of the roof) = $15.50.

40 square roof with say 33% affected. 40 x 33% = 13.20 sqaures.

13.20 squares x $15.50 = $204.60.

Have fun. Don’t spend the money all in one place.

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Are you sure there not IKO. Good luck dealing with any asphalt company when it comes to warranty.