ELK shingles

Hi, I have 30 sq on my houser and I’m getting a 2nd layer of shingles on and was wondering what everyone thinks about ELK shingles. They are a BBB members and have had 1 complaint in the past 3 years. Should I go with the ELK shinlges? if no, could someone suggest other shingle manufacturers.

I have never used Elk, but the two most popular where I live by far are GAF at number 1 and Certainteed at number 2. I have used both of these and personally like Certainteed better, but it depends who you ask. Elk is a major brand though, I’m just not in a position to speak on them.

For a company that ;arge, one complaint in three years is a pretty good track record. I also have never used ELK shignles.

We have used alot of ELk shingle for many of our jobs…more thicker and the top/ridge give a nice finish touch…

ive used lots of the elk. love them. Plus the 30 years are “algae resistant”.

i prefer a tear off over recovering over a demensional with another demensional. if you insist on recover then make sure roofer uses 2 inch nails.


and a 40 year.

ive used elk once. no problems with it. i believe you will void any manufactures warranty by shingling over architecturals.

i agree! have you ever done it?

I should of mentioned that the old roof shingles are non architecturals shingles. just regular standard shingles.

im alittle more comfortable with that.
1 1/2" nails should do.
2" will do fine.
gotta trust your roofer.


i have never roofed over an architectural. i am assuming it will look very wavy

Elk is a great shingle. We have layed thousands of them. As for one complaint in 3 years thats pretty good. Just see what there side of the story was in that situation. Could quite possibly be the installer no one’s perfect. As far as manufactures I also like and highly recommend GAF and Certainteed. Check to see if the contractor is licensced or recommended by the manufacturer. For example lets say certainteed allows there contractors to take a test to become a master shingle applicator or a wizard shingle applicator. All of our expercienced workers who lay shingles take these tests and are required to pass before they lay any shingles on my jobs.

Elk’s a great shingle, and in Ohio (and at my supplier) its cheaper too.

I Just wrapped up a 150 sq 9/12 Church re-sheet in 5 days…They were happy!

Laid Elk Prestique 3 times in five years and didn’t care for them at all. Slippery on 6/12’s and the shingles were out of square.

Elks are down at the bottom with Owens Cornings on my list.

Preffer Certainteed Landmarks, then GAF Timberlines, then IKO Dynasty, then IKO Cambridge.

Of the 75 or so roofs I do annually as owner operator 90%+ are Landmarks.

Elks and GAF are what I tend to specify, as both are very good shingles. Certainteed are also good shingles, but I’d prefer the Elks on my own house. Unfortunately, I wasn’t given that choice when they were building my house so I ended up with Certainteed. It should tell you something though when contractor’s are using Certainteed when roofing neighborhoods, and it isn’t because they want to install the best shingle. Obvioulsy, Certainteed’s were the cheapest of the dimensional/architectural shingles available here in Houston. Regardless, it generally all comes down to how much asphalt is in the shingle, i.e., shingle weight. Otherwise, they all use a fiberglass mat and granule surfacing.

Ive put on a lot of ELK shingles and i have been very pleased with them. A few years ago they were having a lot of trouble with their stick 'em on the shingle but they seem to have straightened that out and are now making a very high quality shingle.

I just used Elk 30 year Prestique on my 1911 house. Love the look of Antique Slate, but I noticed some were out of square when I installed them. I also am frigthened to walk on them because the granules seem to come off too easily, especially compared to the old 3-tab shingles that had been on there. Looking down on them from the ridge, I am awed by their beauty. They form a serene carpet. It’s too bad nobody gets to see my roof from the top perspective.

Certainteed shingles cost more here in michigan than GAF. not by much but enough to be more. I like certainteed for its what you know certification program rather than GAF’s and ELK’s who do i write the check out to. Its free at certainteed.

Elk are very good. also like GAF and some Certainteed products.

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