EMARiT : Enamelled Metal Roofing Tiles

EMARiT : Enamelled Metal Roofing Tiles
Web site : emarit.com.tr/
Contact : Mr. Tahsin Gun
E-mail : tahsin@emarit.com.tr
Country : Turkey

Our company is producing enamel products. In the branch of temperature fittings we are producing enamel stove, stove-pipe and accesories but for the construction branch we are producing our new product Emarit “Enamel metal roofing tile”.

Emarit is an extremely resistant, light, and easy-to-assemble roofing material with a warranty period of 40 years which is made up of 0.70 DKP sheet through pressing with special moulds, and then klin-dried at 850 C’ by means of two coatings of electrostatic enamel. Emarit is a very light material when compared to roof tiles. It provides a lightness at a rate of 1/5 when compared to roof tiles and other similar materials. This material is also preferable due to its zero wastage, easy assembly, and savings from workmanship and transportation. Whereas Normal roof tiles has a weight of 4000 kg per 100 m2, Emarit has a weight of only 800 kg per 100 m2, thus allows a saving of 35 % from workmanship and constructive materials.

Being subject to 10 different tests during production as per TSE and DIN norms, Emarit has a warranty period of 40 years. Keskin Chemistry installed ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System at 2005 in order to maximize the level of customer satisfaction, standard quality level and productivity.

For further information about our company and products please visit our web site emarit.com.tr