Employees in winter

What do you guys do with your employees during the winter? How many do you keep/layoff?

Most of them go on unemployment, some of them I sign up snow removal contracts for to keep busy. This year I was very fortunate that I was able to land all that wanted winter work with a general contractor building a new condo complex.

This was the first year I looked into getting them other work, but it worked out well as this general will now give me his roofs and all my guys are working and in good spirits.


We have a 5-6 month winter, thats a lot of coffee and paperwork. ha

I was fortunate enough to keep 2 going. I had them claim unemployment when it really slowed down . I like coffee and paperwork though.

There gonna get soft with coffee/paperwork.Make sure they stay in shape!

That was fantastic. LMAO…