English or metric?

what the reason for these two types in the gaf line? which is preferable for a new job? also, which is more install friendly - the large format shingle such as grand timberline, or the smaller timberline ultra? thanks, greg

Being a dirty “Yank” I am more comfortable with non-metric measurements. The rest of the world is sick and wrong and metric loving. Standard shingles are easier to acquire quickly in the States as far as I know.

so if that’s all it is i’ll stick to english. any preference concerning the 40" x 17" vs standard size? thanks, greg



Better in high winds.

standard shingles (english) are not more common in the u.s…it depends where you are located. i live in upstate NY (rochester/syracuse) and almost 100% of the shingles in my area currently at the suppliers are metric. have been for about 5 years or so. depends on your region.