EPDM help needed


Anyone on the site a consultant in the Houston area with experience in EPDM. If so please contact me by pm or post your number here. I’m a roofing contractor with a job for you.


What is the size of the project ?

Small commercial building around 68 squares.

Just realized you can’t PM me. This username name is to new. My old username is locked out due to exceeded attempts to log on. Been unable to get administrator to get me back on as of yet. Funny thing is I was using correct username and passcode. Not sure why it did not work. Just tried to post my email address and it won’t let me. Got a message that says my post looks too spamy for a new user. I use to like this site. What a pain in the arse!


email is rjones@nassaubayroofing.com.

Then instead of simply fixing the problem, they apparently paid off Owens Corning to write the deceptive letter that endorses their faulty installation and got the City to buy off on the letter. Now the contractor has insisted multiple times in writing that the roof is fine and they are demanding payment. I’m definitely keeping my focus on the contractor.

Focus on the contractor,always :badgrin:

For the luv of god…you guys are posting on the wrong thread.

moistcontech.com/ They can Help!!!