EPDM over roll roofing?

Part of my house has a 15 x 35ft shed roof over an addition which has a slope of 1 inch per foot. It currently has rolled roofing on it which began leaking last spring. It had the typical cracks and what not for aged rolled roofing so I decided to coat it with an aluminum asphalt roof coating which worked for a while but is now leaking again. :cry:

I want to put an EPDM roof on it - by myself. I have construction experience with some shingling experience but none with epdm. I am wondering if I can just adhere the epdm to the roll roofing as it is fairly smooth and it looks like the rolled roofing is really stuck down with tar.

Do you guys think this will work? If not, what do you recommend? I need to get this fixed as I remodeled the room damdaged by the leak this winter and its leaking again! Luckily, not to bad yet. Thanks for your help.

it wont work but you can look into some type of peel and stick modified bitumen at your local roofing supplier.this is easy to install and should not require a vast amount of tools.


Aluminum roof coating is not to fix a leak. As you found out.

Best to hire a professional.

I could have fixed the roof first. Then coated it.

You would not be fixing your house for the second time.

How many times are you going to fix your room before you hire a professional.

Of course you could keep saving money by doing it yourself. LOL

Thats the thing with EPDM…there aint a good boardstock separator until you get to ISOboard.

I would listen to Lefty and have a pro do this one.

lefty`s right,btw you would at least need an insulation board to divorce the membranes(separate the roof systems)

OK- I hear what you guys are saying and respect your opinion. Lets say I completely strip the roof down to the plank sheathing. Which system would be easier for a skilled person (just little flat roof experience) to install glue down epdm over fiberboard vs. 2 ply cold adhered modified bitumen? My gut tells me I would have a better chance of success with the epdm because there would be only one seam on the roof. The roof has 2 vent stacks.

I am a hard headed diy-er and generally like the satisfaction of diy and generally save money too, which I really need to do right now. Thanks

try certainteed flintlastic system,instructions on the box ,roll all your seams tight,and 3-course your pipes w/tar &membrane-good luck