EPDM Roof and Fixing Question Advice Needed!

I just purchased a home with a EPDM roof. I need to do some repairs around vents, chimney, edges etc. It looks like previous owner (old lady) never went up on the roof.

I need advice on what type of product should I purchase to seal cracks around vents? What about seams that are not totally tight?

Also, any recommendations about future total replacement do it myself replacement? What companies produce the product?

Most of all just need a product to seal possible leaks and what company provides some good prices. it seems like ames sells material etc etc
thanks i hope you can help

I like Firestone but John Mansfield and Carlisle also come to mind. EPDM is crazy easy to install and repair but there are also many little tricks to know that can make the difference. Plenty of good downloadable and printable reading material here:


remember that it is rubber and use absolutely no asphault products on it.

you guys are great thanks for the tip, do you have any recommendations for sealer to fix cracks? I noticed liquid roof and some black jack products

EPDM should not be cracking, if it is you need it looked at. Unless you’re talking at the seams, maybe? Like Marshall said, don’t use any asphalt or petroleum products as it will destroy the rubber. Flashing cement and gasoline are no, no’s! Look at that link I gave you for DETAIL info, it should show how to lay a patch and LAP SEALANT goes down much like caulking, just don’t tool it.

i believe liquid roof and black jack are both petroleum based (no no). try genflex edge caulk. a specialty supplier will carry it. try BRADCO supply. you will not find epdm stuff at home depot or lowes. how far apart are the seams? 3 feet or 10 feet? if the seams are 3 feet apart then it is probably torch down bitumun which is asphault not rubber. i dont ever recall seeing rubber crack. what part of the country are you in? can you post pics?

If the rubber is cracking, it is possible he has an old EPDM roof with neoprene flashings that have begun to dry-rot. If that is the case, then it is time to replace the roof.

call a roofer and get a free estimate!!!

Simple fix, if your EPDM roof is cracking, you can do two things

Remove it?


Use an elastomeric rubberized coating

unitedcoatings.com/products/ … s_main.htm

Its a quick fix that some very large commercial buildings are now coating roofs with to avoid expensive replacement costs. Plus it works, its easy to roll on, easy to patch…etc…

I wouldnt want a tree over this stuff to come through my roof as its not as durable as a Modified System.

But it will work~


Bad advise. you dont coat rubber roofs . it makes patching it the right way much harder.

Its is a solution to a bad epdm roof. Personally I would remove that crap and go with someone thing more durable… APP 180…

So your saying there rooferj, that coating an existing rubber roof with a top rated rubberized coating is bad advice?

If its more than just resealing the flashing corners with lap caulk (epdm caulking) I would shoot for it as an inexpensive way to seal the entire roof

Not much on Elastomers ?


There it is in black in white…RUBBERCOATING OVER EPDM :slight_smile:

Me either but …

do not coat an epdm roof. first off if its “cracked” its had its life burned out of it and nothing,i mean nothing will fix it.not even a good coating.coating a roof does not “fix” a roof it just delays the removal of it for a short while.you need to call an approved roofing contractor to get expert advise.
TEAR IT OFF and put on a system that is the best solution for your climate and budget.i have been installing epdm systems for 30 yrs and have yet to see one "crack’.POST PHOTOS.

We do a lot of maintenance on old single ply roofs. On EPDM we strip in the seams with covertape. on old elastaform flashing that cracked we recover with new membrane. In most cases the membrane itself is still good and some good maint done by a real roofer will get the customer another 20 years. One thing to watch out for though is wet insulation,if its fiberboard then the roof may be holding water and will have to be replaced. Coating it like I said is just a waste of money.


this picture shows the edge of the roof and the rubber is short of the edge, shouldnt an overlap exist?
I enclosed one picture of the seams coming apart. However, the rubber on the roof is not cracking but looks to be in good shape. However, toward the outside of the roof near the edge I believe some of the fiber board is wet. Currently from what I know is that the roof was placed over a asphalt roof and I don’t have any leaks upstairs on the ceilings.

Question, Can I peel back the rubber and replace the fiberboard? Plus, any special place to buy this type of fiber board or does it go by another name?

Furthermore, I noticed a few replies about the rubber coatings like liquid rubber. It states on the website that it is used on EPDM roofs.

My dad is a retired carpenter and he has done many roofs but never a epdm roof. I was thinking that we could possibly tackle the job next year. Any suggestions on material to review before doing like books etc? I am not sure of the proper place to buy it when I do plan on it being done.

Lots of questions and thanks for all your help. I appreciate it

thanks for the link to the Firestone page. I noticed the
RubberGard R.M.A. System


I am wondering if this would be better for me on my 40x28 roof?

No. You want a fully adhered application. It looks as though your original roof was installed incorrectly from the picture you posted. If you’re just looking to buy some time then either have a roofer come and fix it or coat it but keep in mind that either way is just temporary. Yes, you could do a torch down also but I would recommend using a pro for that.

EPDM can be the best flat roof or the worst. It depends on how good the crew is and the specs. seam tape makes a great seam, way better than EP-95 “black glue” the proper cleaning and priming is also critical.We stoped using fiberboard a long time ago everything is ISO, much better. My opinion of APP and SBS modified is thats its a step above rolled roofing and has a short term life span. Of course nothing will out live a coal tar pitch BUR.


thanks tar and roofer j, do you guys have any recommendations on the best place to buy the tape for the seams?


you may want to get some 6" cover tape with primer to strip in your bad seams. try bradco supply