EPDM Rubber Membrane to Shingles Transition

So I am looking at redoing our entire roof (shingles, Ice & Water Barrier, EPDM rubber, etc). What I am not sure on, is what is the best way to transition from the EPDM rubber to shingles? The current roof has the metal termination strips and does not look the greatest but functions ok. Is there a better/cleaner way of doing it?

Fairly new to roofing but have a couple buddies who have experience and will be helping out.

Thanks in advance! And any other tips are welcomed!

Can you post a pic of the area in question? We run the EPDM up the slope 2ft and cover the top ft with shingles.

Simple tie in. Here is a link for details: https://www.weatherbondroofing.com/wp-content/uploads/2018-WBRC-13.5.pdf

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I have seen the tie in before, but I am doing the reverse. Going from rubber to shingle instead of shingle to rubber.

One is the front roof that will go from siding to shingle and I will use the tie in. The second picture is the top of the roof and has the metal termination bars. I am not sure how to get rid of those to clean it up.

Here is a picture of what it currently is:

This style I put metal around the transition. Have it bent to your specs. 6x6 looks like it might cover your composition. Clean the metal. Tape prime it. Put 6" cured cover tape. You won’t see the EPDM and you can paint the metal.

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Neither of those transitions require term bar. Both can be accomplished much nicer by having one piece of metal covering the top course of shingles turning upwards, and then A piece of edge metal turning over the edge of the flat covering the first and flashed to the epdm.

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So the piece covering the top row of shingles would go up under the rubber? or would the rubber not wrap down as it currently is but stop at the edge and use a piece of drip edge (or equivalent) for the transition which would then go to the metal covering?

You wouldn’t by chance have pictures/drawing of what your explaining? If not, that’s fine, it gives me something else to think about.


The rubber can turn over the edge and over the bottom piece of metal that covers the top row of shingles. Then the metal edge can be installed to cover both the rubber and lower piece of metal, and then flashed in with epdm. That way it will not leak and all you will see is metal, not epdm, from the ground.

You may be able to make it work with prefab metal, but I normally just bend my own out of .032 aluminum or 24/26 gague painted steel.