EPDM Training

Lately, I have been getting a ton of calls for EPDM. I’ve got a basic knowledge of it but would like to find a good hands-on training program so that I could branch out into doing EPDM. Any recomendations? I’ve contacted the NRCA but they have nothing & told me just to buy some videos. Thanks for any help.

Firestone has very good collections for both Torch applied Modified Bit and EPDM. They also offer and travel for seminars. One of our local suppliers gets them here every other year. Both are great training tools.

Carlisle, but they are picky. you cound try RPI from Harvey Industries or Mulehide from ABC supply.

your best bet will be to follow the money chain.go to your supplier and explain that you wish to become an approved installer of epdm. he should be able to steer you to a tech rep from one of the mfrs. also bear in mind if you intend to install epdm on residential roofs. most mfrs will NOT give a warranty on their product.

all my reps warranty it on residential.

From what company Marshall?

We might switch manufacturers if they warranty EPDM and torch down on residential. I know Firestone doesn’t and I didn’t think anyone else did either.


just for the record; versico = carlisle seconds

in my area i only have access to versico or genflex from my suppliers. personally i could care less about a residential warranty on epdm because it will be a flashing detail that fails anyway, which would be an installation error.

Yeah, that’s true Marsh. I was just looking at the warranty thing because some customers like it for peace of mind.

As far as Versico being Carslile seconds? They are owned by the same company but I don’t see how that makes Versico products inferior. I don’t have any first hand experience but they have an 18yr track record and I have worked with Carslile stuff, which was ok.


You buy the warranty just like you do a commercial warranty.


Most EPDM manufacturers don’t even offer a warranty on residential. Duh.

Hey guys, thanks for all the info, it’s much appreciated

Versico was the old Goodyear that was bought out by Carlisle about 15 years ago or so. they are the only one that you can get a 12’ roll. Just like Firestone was the only one who made a 16’ roll. some roofs it works out better to have less seams. Seam tape was originaly started by Genflex and now is the industry standard. I have done rubber roofs for a long time and have seen a lot of changes.

i use about 100k sqs of 200x50 rolls of both carlisle and firestone per yr.

thats a lot more than me!!

i employ 100 men when busy.