EPDM transition question

I have a guy who really just started running a crew for me, has been working for me for years. This is a pic of an EPDM roof they have just finished. The homeowner has withheld payment from me due to the fact that the transition here catches a tiny bit of water. I will admit that it is not perfect, and he should have been more careful with how he ran the ISO there. However, I am also certain that it is not going to affect the performance or life of the roof. I want to get some opinions from those of you who are EPDM saavy.

The small bird bath won’t negatively affect the membrane. It won’t void the warranty. While aesthetically unpleasing it is pretty common. Reassure the owner that both the membrane manufacturer and you are good for any leak problems in that area.

I’d be interested in seeing more photos- the one you have is too low quality to really give any concrete opinion on the installation quality. I will say this, your fastening rate looks messed up, it looks like plates are far too close to the edge of the iso board, and I really can’t see if you have enough plates or not…

As for ‘ponding’, it’s not a good thing… But it doesn’t mean the roof is going to fail any faster then it normally would. I don’t know about JM or Carlisle, but Firestone does exclude damage that results from ponding water, so there is a potential warrantability issue. Severe ponding obviously adds a structural load to the building, and can easily compress and damage the insulation.

If you have ponding, try to alleviate it. At the very least, strip in the seams and double flash any of the flashings around the effected area.