ESPN over asphalt and other things

Hi everyone. I am purchasing a building with a curved/barrel roof. Previous owner installed EPDM by nailing over existing bituminous until he ran out of money. It leaks obviously. There is also a separate section with parafet walls, almost like an ice skating rink. See the pics. The curved roof transitions to a flat roof. Quotes are $75000. We plan on doing it ourselves though, so what are my options. Strip off the old bituminous roof put down dense deck and 60 mil EPDM? Curved roof is 15000 sq ft. Parafer portion is 3000 sq ft. See the pics. Any help would be appreciated!

What is your background? A 75k roofing job is a big thing to take on for your first roof.

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There is just too much to educate you on. I advise you to get a reputable roofer to give you an estimate with a scope of work. You would be best to start with a core sample to see exactly what you have. You can do that yourself. You need to decide whether you need a fully adhered, mechanically adhered, ballasted, … That photo shows what appears to be parapet wall with a long swoop. When you tear that off, I bet you find it’s bad bridging. I would be shocked to see a cant strip that long and swooped. You might have the talent and understanding, but to spend 30k on material only to have leaks, isn’t worth doing it yourself. No offense, but leave it to a professional roofer.


I’m just curious about this new ESPN material.

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I am a donit yourselfer but will have a bunch of guys helping me out. They have experience with flat roofs. Just looking for advice. Should I strip it down to decking from all the literature I’ve read it looks like it’s pretty simple job to glue to plywood. I would go with 60 mil epdm. Previous owner did a pretty bad job but it only really leaks at flashing points.

Thanks for the help people. I’ll take the thread down

No need to take the thread down. Nothing is wrong with asking. Your questions are still welcomed. Please do not glue to the plywood. An under driven fastener stepped on, or one backing out and you have hole in your roof.

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