Estimate Contest!

How many of you guys out there would be interested in another estimate writing contest?


Absolutely and my estimator also!

Been waiting.

Ray, good idea. If you’d like some help, I’d be happy to provide a sample roof with the appropriate aerial image and takeoffs necessary to sketch it in Xactomate or calculate the area with an alternative method. I’d also be glad to provide a couple of interior room hand sketches and damage images to add to the estimate.

I’m assuming you don’t really mean a contest as much as your objective is to provide people here with some examples of estimates in order for them to learn and improve their own efforts. To that end, I’d suggest you create a drop box account where each contestant can have a folder to store their documents in and at the end, allow forum members to access the estimates for viewing.

Finally, I’d propose taking this one step further by creating a sample scope of loss from a fictitious insurance company. The contestants would then create a supplement to respond to that scope. This would serve to help people learn some proper methods for supplementing.

In summary, here are a list of things this “contest” could achieve:

Sketching roofs and interior
Showing appropriate line items in the estimate
Showing comments to include to validate line items
Showing appropriate IRC and OSHA line items to include
Showing proper utilization of damage images and annotations to validate line items
Showing appropriate use of supporting documents to validate line items

Let me know how I can help.

Sounds like an excellent idea, I can use all the help on this subject I can get from you guys.

Every estimate i write is entered into a contest. The winner gets the roof job! lol

That’s great. The vast majority of bids I do are only to determine how much I get paid; the job has already been won. I think I’ll stick to my business model. You know, you could have just remained silent or admitted you have nothing at all to contribute to this thread. Troll.

count me in!

U still smartin over those 2 threads AD? Go knock on some doors! Im sure it would be the most physical thing you do this week!

Chuckie, perhaps you could do a roof repair estimate, say replacing a pipe jack boot, and put it on a napkin as your contribution. You know, each should contribute at the level of their personal capability.

I’m in!

AD, you don’t even know who you are making your silly remarks to. I have been a professional roofer for over 28 years, a professional Roofing Contractor for nearly 20 years and yes I am also a Roof Repair Specialist. At my highest point, I was selling enough re-roofs by myself to keep 8 sub-crews working daily. I’ve also had numerous salesmen, secretaries and the like working for me over the years. If you think I’m just " a dumb ole roofer " then you’ve jumped to way too many conclusions due to your resentment from my initial post. I regret having made that post. Actually the door knocking is the “ONLY” area where I lack experience. It simply has never been necessary for me personally.

Dude, you’ve confused me with somebody that cares. If you have something to contribute, as a change of pace, please do so. My impression is formed based upon what you post. Thus far, I wouldn’t let you roof my dog house.

Fortunately I don’t need your approval for “ANYTHING.” A$$H*!E.


If you really wanna measure something lets do so by seeing who has the best, legitimate estimate with documentation and logical reasoning behind why those line items are in the estimate.


I will take you up on your offer for assistance.


Can I ask a favor? Would you guys be so kind as to assist me with judging the submitted estimates?

Lets make this interesting.

Would you guys be open to an $50.00 fee and the top two estimates split the pot 70/30?

This could be fun.

I would also like you to participate in some capacity as well, either as a judge or an entrance in the contest.

I’m in for whatever Ray.

Right on! Looking forward to it.

I’ve got a stack of napkins and a crayon on standby! :roll: