Estimated versus Actual shingles installed

What process do you guys have in place for payroll for actual versus estimated quantity’s of material used?

Estimator measures and orders for a job 20.66 Sq of field shingles, .66sq of hip/ridge using standard waste factors. Maybe you send a tad extra 21sq / 1sq out to job just in case of a shortage? How do you account for overages if crew reports they used more than the estimated amounts? Measuring and waste factors are not 100% accurate plus you have the potentials of crew stowing extras in trucks/dumpsters etc (theft).

Say… if the crew tear into a fresh bundle of ridge cap for just a couple extra Lf. How do you pay/account for this? .33 extra could really add up over a year.

I use eagleview reports. I hold them accountable to the waste factors on the report. Installers are going to steal from time to time. If they keep the (theft) under 5% and they are good workers I consider it a cost of business. I also pay them more if I know they are honest. Another option is give the entire crew a year end bonus. If they mess something up don’t clean up or steal I take it from the year end bonus. This makes the crew police their own because it is the entire crews bonus. VERY IMPORTANT TO SHOW THEM EACH WEEK how much money is in the bonus account for that crew.

Are they a “sub” crew? As in you pay them X dollars per sq and they have their own insurance and are a legit separate intity from your company? If so, it’s not payroll for starters.

If you actually measured the house, and know what it should take basecon a reasonable waste factor, there should be no reason for overages that amount to anything appreciable. If this crew is consistently short on material, they are thiefs, and shouldn’t be used. If your using eagle view, sky measure or any other program for the lazy, then you really don’t know because they only say they are accurate to within what 7%?

Get a good tape measure and use it!

We measure every job by hand, add appropriate waste factor, charge for that #, and always have f few bundles come back. If we are short shingles the sales guy doesn’t get paid the last 2% commissions that is healed until after the job is completed…so trust me they are rarely short.

We have one estimator whose been with us 30+ years who doesn’t get on the roof unless he has to. If the house is 3 tabs his tab count is more accurate than any computer program out there.

That is with all company hourly employees. If you guys have to worry about subs steeling shingles get rid of them…if they will steel shingles they are willing to steel anything, wouldn’t want then represnting my name.

word! :+1:
They are steeling your leads prob as well

Kpratt, you should keep your derogatory comments to yourself. You didn’t invent roofing and certainly didn’t perfect it. What you consider lazy, others may call efficient. You sound like an old timer that has been getting his ass kicked and profits hit by the new generation and are bitter about it. Is your dump trailers got wheels made out of wood and do you pull them to the job with a team of horses? Do you hand nail everything? Do you not have cell phones? Wait, how are you posting here, it requires that new fangled internet technology.

Nobody died, appointed you King so you can decide what the right level of technology is and look down upon everyone else. Keep your head buried in the sand, or elsewhere, and watch your company slowly die on the vine and go out of business.

“Is my trailer got wood wheels”. No that is some funny shit there! I do not claim to be king of anything Dad, and I believe I’m Intitled to my opinion, unless you proclaim to be king and ban free speach.
I am indeed old school but was the first in my area to have a fax machine (I said I’ve been around a while), first to use computers and first to developed a proprietory computerized biding and customer service system for our company back in 1991. Our service and delivery trucks all have gps to track them and our shop has 24 high res cameras for security.
So you see dad, I understand technology and has to properly use it! I just don’t see it helping a company when you try to make the tech into your salesman, or any other person in you’re business that you rely on to actually think!
As for having our asses kicked by the new kids and there new fangled technology, we do just fine sir. You see we don’t rely on others to stock our material and load for us, we do that ourselfs, and hence keep more of the money that you hand them on your jobs. I was just trying to impart a little of what 42 years of doing has taught me! If you chose not to listen, feel free.

Wood wheels? Where you guys getting them sound like a great flat free solution! :grinning:


Impart your knowledge, I’ll gladly learn from it. You can do that, however, without having to disparage the way other people do things and call them all lazy and other derogatory terms. `

Agreed dad. My apologies.
However sir, you may want to follow your own advise! Look back on your derogatory post to me!
I believe we owe each other an apology!

I know I’m a little late to the conversation, but we use Eagle View, order the stuff based off that, and if we’re short, we bring it to the job site and get the job done! Pinching pennies and losing dollars makes no cents.