Estimates & Invoices

My fellow Roofing companys… I have a question.

Do you guys reflect the qty of items on your estimates and invoices? Which works better for you… not showing or showing?

The reason why i ask is because customers are happy to receive credits when they see left over material. But will say they signed a contract for X amount of dollars and will not pay for when there is additional material.

So you tend to see over time you credit more than you receive on additional qty’s.

Let me know your thoughts.

We have a separate item in our terms & conditions that covers this. We state something to the effect that we reserve the right to order additional materials above the estimated quantity required to complete the roof replacement and all left over materials are the property of our company. If asked about it, we explain that an estimate is just that, an estimate and it is nearly impossible to estimate the exact quantity, to the bundle, of materials that will be required. If they wish, we have a conversation about waste and how it works.

I give us a “A” on production control when we have 2 to 4 bundles of material left over. In my mind, it is much more cost effective and much less disruptive to return a couple of bundles than to have someone make an emergency run near the end of a roof replacement to pick up a few bundles necessary to finish the job.

There are other factors to be considered. I don’t want the roof crew dumpster diving for pieces of shingles or damaged shingles they previously threw away and then using them to finish that last portion of the roof. That kind of crap can come back to haunt you later.

We rarely have anyone question left over material and when someone has, we’ve easily been able to explain why it was the case.

For insurance companies they know how many materials right down the last ridge cap.

For home owners it’s just a scope and price, no mention of quantity ever.

What I’ve found is home owners that want to know how many squares and such are just using your numbers so they can order the materials and have the drunk down the road do the roof.

As far as additional materials going to home owner never heard of that one! Instead they go back to the lumber yard to be used on another job. If you are charging per square and no per job than it makes sense.

Typicaly we are over by a bundle or two of shingles and the rest of the meterials are all partial roll or bundle. If we run short and we do from time to time I buy them and the home owner doesn’t owe anything additional. Have had to explain to a couple home owners we had to run to get more materials and couldn’t finish on time and most ask to pay the difference. I always so no way! Of course some just decide to tip us instead. To date have earned a few grand in tips but never asked for one dollar for “short” materials.

Great answers guys.

Thats what i was looking for.

i agree with dougger here insurance is 1 thing. homeowners here’ssssssssssssssssss the price and what we will do for you. thats all folks oh yes press hard the 3 copy’s you are signing need so please press hard.