I am curious as to what Xactimate estimates look like. I do not do much insurance claim work, but it appears that most roofers are using this application. Does anyone have a sample estimate that can be emailed to me? My email address is :

Any help would be appreciated!

hey its gweedo,
is this old time roofin in st pete?
ted williams company?


If you’ve ever seen an insurance claim form, that’s 99% chance it’s xactimate.

Around here exactimate doesnt exist you just give the insurance company your standard estimate. Im not sure if thats good or bad for us.

First rule of negotiation is never make the first offer.

Reason why i say that is we have access to a program that is alot cheaper per computer im talking 150 a month per. It has 20 times the ability and well spits out everything you will need for a job and its so exact as long as you measure properly for example ice and watershield 1.72 rolls. i can set an appointment no cost and they will show you the program how it looks works and everything at no cost to you. If that sounds like something you would want email me and we will set up an appointment with the maker of the program and you can see before you buy.

Email if interested and im not selling a darn thing this is all free and it works alot better. make an appointment with me and you will be called at the time you want and you will be show everything. side from that have a great day