Estimators opinion needed

I worked for a company that was profiting well over $400/sq. The insurance company obviously doesn’t want to pay that but my company would bid it really high and then settle in the middle. My question is: Which parts of the estimate provides wiggle room? And how was my old company able to consistently profit more than $400/sq? I can post a contract/estimate if needed. Thank you all in advance.

Bidding high and settling is a tactic that works well on adjuster’s you’ll never encounter twice. Adjusters with good memories, who have been burnt, will be difficult to deal with when encountered again. The best way to maximize claims is to learn Xactimate, include EVERY billable line item, and support your assumptions with diagrams and measures.


What Ivoman said. It’s not so much wiggle room as it is finding items left off the estimate by the insurance company that the homeowner needs to be indemnified for or the contractor needs to be paid for to do the job properly. There are many many items you can add. Just don’t try and ask for things that aren’t necessary. Insurance companies won’t usually pay for a temporary toilet, they say it’s the cost of doing business and most won’t pay for O&P either unless there are more than 3 trades happening and you are a GC. Don’t piss off the insurance company or the adjuster or you will have a hard time working with them on other jobs.

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