Eve slope

home is 60 x 30 and orginally had two downspouts.

Plans were to put four but more and more as I look at it with no downspouts at the moment I want to put four on the back, not conventional but all could go into pipes in the ground to the ditch out front.

When I was thinking of doing the four coners a friend said you need 1/2 t 3/4 slop over the 60 feet. I said no makes more sense to make it high in the middle then down to both sides rather than side to side.

If I did put one on each corner and did go high on the 60 foot side at 30 feet the middle how much slope do you need? assuming that the home soffit and facia are level which I will have to check.

I think the size of the eves is called 5", it had two 3 x 3 downspouts on it.
Is my idea of putting four on the back stupid. I would put two in a few feet to catch the front and sides and go high in the middle then have two more in from the outside ones for that.



30 ft.
high in the middle slopin each direction to drop outs ( corners ).

how much slope per ft ?
just run some water in it and make shure it flows to the downspouts. geeze.

good luck.


is because if I put the eves on the back then it has further to travel twice as far.

The bottom of the new facia board I put on is going to be profiled so I lose 4/5 to 1" there. I haven’t ripped the boards yet was going for six and a half but go the drip edge and leait it out and it does not leave me enough drop so either less profile or a wider facia board.

I would be easier to do with the four corners but still want to entertain the four on the back idea.

I wanted to get a feel for it maybe 1/4 drop over the 60 feet as it was is enough, I did notice it was not put on straight, it wiggled all over so there were puddles till the level rose up and it carried on.