Ever used Duracoat (Duracool?), sprayed on over shingles?

I’m considering a spray-on roofing product called Duracoat (or Duracool) sold by Pro Coatings and Green Roof Technologies. It is sprayed over the old shingles after they are cleaned to give an older roof new life. My old shingled roof, on an old mobile, is soft from the wood frame having apparently rotted away in spots. Apparently this stuff can keep it waterproof and give it enough spine to hold up for a few more years til we tear it down. They claim a 25 year warranty, prob. not for the structure under the roof though! It’s a water-based product. I can’t find much info about it. Thanks.

If the costs work for you until you can make the necessary repairs, sure. Why not try it.

But understand there is no guarantee with the situation you mentioned.
There is no “miracle in a can”. If the decking is in poor shape, it is certainly a stretch to try going over it w/ anything.

So simply put, you will be gambling.

at the cost of the acrylics, I am sure you will be disappointed shortly when you realized you threw your money away.

Tear it off.