Excessive Grit Loss from a freeze?

Here in Texas, we are not as used to prolonged freezing like what occurred about 2 weeks ago… rooftops were frozen solid here for about 3 days & on my home, we had icicles up to 2’ long.

Anyhow, I had a customer (not an installation of mine) call & ask about a lot of roof grit presenting on their sidewalk.

I went & looked @ it; their shingles are Atlas strips & the pitch is about 7:12 - 8:12 on the garage.

Is this a problem? Common? Something to worry about?



I would think it has nothing to do with the weather.

They are Atlas shingles.

Well here in Michigan 2 feet Icicles are very common so are frozen roof shingles & yes we always do lose some granules every winter but its normal wear & tear ,Me Im not fond of Atlas shingles but whether or not the granule loss is exessive is hard to say without seeing it , How old is the roof? New ? Old? Wish I could answer better but limited info.

3 yrs old, 7:12 / 8:12, nothing exciting… Desert Shake & it’s like sand more than shingle grit (but it is grit).


I would think it has nothing to do with the weather.

They are Atlas shingles.[/quote]

not much more to add to that, except i didnt even know they were still around. none of my suppliers in upstate NY have carried them for years.

If that has to do with the shingle then i would think that the shigles are very old. Ive walked in shingles that have fallen apart from just the weight on them. If there falling apart then id worry. but if the have sealed well i wouldnt worry.