Experienced Roofer Wanted

So you want a job? So we place adds for extra help.It seems everyone who calls is the hardworking balls to the wall kinda guy/gal.They say “You won’t find anyone better”.

I am hardworking,responsible and one of my better qualities is…punctuality they let roll off the ol’ tongue.

Also said is I have my own transportation and I either have a child on the way or I have a family.

The words I am motivated and I am a self starter with no need to be told what to do is part of the employment pitch.

They say freely and confidently that they know the trade and they have done this,this way and that,that way.

But about a week into the new hire phase(if it even takes that long)

1.)They are late (repeatedly)…Punctuality ?

2.)Work very slow…Hard Worker??

3.) Unmotivated…Motivated?

4.)Catch rides from other employees responsible enough to have a vehicle…Own Transportation?

5.)Have to be directed about what to do…Self Starter?

6.) Asking other employees rookie questions about techniques that an experienced worker would know…Experienced?

Why not be honest and say:

I am an unmotivated worker who will be late.I need a ride pretty often and I will tell you I know what I am doing when I really don’t,and you will probably find it safe to say that I need to be pointed in the direction you want me to go.And chances are when you do point me in the direction most beneficial to you I will be fairly slow in doing so.And you might get more work out of a Wal-Mart door greeter than myself.

So when can I start?

I am not knocking the mentality of a door greeter because at least they are employed and they can live up to the expectations of the job.

good points roofmaster…here are a few things I look for if talking to someone wanting a job:

  1. what time of day do they call?
    Someone who calls you early in the morning is definitely a go getter and is trying hard to find a job…someone who calls in the afternoon is usually lazy and not really motivated.

  2. reason for wanting a job?
    Anyone who calls begging for work using their 7 hungry kids as a reason has never really worked out for me

  3. Transportation?
    although none of my guys currently have a vehicle or a valid drivers license, I am always searching for a roofer that does…this can help during the day (going to landfill, or hardware store, or to pick up lunch)

  4. Previous employers?
    I want to know what roofing companies these people have worked for…I know the quality or lack of quality of every other company in my area…If the person wanting a job has worked for a company that does sorry work, the chances are they have learned bad habits and I aint got time to teach a old dog new tricks.

  5. Habits?
    I want to know if these guys have any illegal habits (drugs, pills, alcohol, etc.) If so, I dont want them due to the possibility that they may bring these habits onto the jobsite interfering with my current roofers which of most are recovering from some type of habit themself.

  6. Are they a real roofer?
    Anyone can nail down shingles, but a real roofer understands how water runs and pays attention to small leak prone details, rather than just slapping down a shingle and calling it a day

Of course you’ll never really know about a man until he shows up and starts working, but these are a few things I always ask

Roofmaster, how about a job? I’m lazy, don’t take instructions, don’t really play well with others, I’m not likely to make it to the job site until 10:00 AM on most days (sleeping off a hangover or stayed at the bar too late the night before hoping the ugly fat girl would eventually get drunk enough to say yes) and I expect to be paid a lot. I can drive a manual transmission but given 6 to 10 opportunities, I’ll likely back your dump truck into the ditch.

When can I start?

hahahaha A D but can you roll nice joints while im driving

RJ, I was going to see if he would hire me based on some of my less attractive attributes and save my strong points for later in the interview. :wink:

i always ask “where are you working right now”

if they have no job THERE IS A REASON. most likely reason, there worthless

if they are working and have a good reason they would like to work for me and not there current boss then i give them a shot.

one other way i do it is after they say they have no job i say ok you can start today. meet me now at (where i am). 95% of them will have some reason they cant make it. and if they cant drop what ever they are doing then i can tell them Sorry I don’t need another guy right now.

I hired 2 guys this past friday.1 was 36 and the other 22.The elder fell in the category of “Baby on the Way”.I had a redeck that I had to get done.I am really not one who entertains the idea of being a taxi service but I thought 1 day…why not.So I tell numbnuts to be at a gas station.

He says yes sir I know the place.I tell him 7am.Next morning I am at the gas station at 6:55 am.No numbnuts.,so I call him…no answer,after a few times of no answer.,I thought o.k I will call once more.Automaticaly jumps to voice mail.I call a couple more times and it jumps to voice mail.Someone turned the phone off because I was disturbing them.Finally numbnuts calls at 12pm.

I asked him what the deal wa and he replied.,he had no gas money for his G friend to drop him off.I asked him when he figured out he had no money.,last night he said.I asked numbnuts why he didn’t call me.Numbnuts fell asleep.?

Numbnuts woke up at noon.How do you go to sleep early then over sleep by 6 hours?Long story short…Numbnuts is not employed by me.

LOL…I’m glad to see this is normal everywhere. My guys are all staying in a cabin this week working until dark. It’s a real good way to see who’s screwed up. I had a guy a week ago who was mr tough guy. He calls in Sat because his friend suddenly died and he has to be a pall bearer so ok I don’t mess with the death issue. Mon we call in because his wife has an emergency “back” appt in Lexington ,KY (2.5 hrs away) ok give him the benefit. Tues Oh man I can’t make it in my rotors fell off driving to the job! OKKKKKKKAYY I thought the rotor was bolted down with the tire? Oh I forgot, I’m an idiot sorry to confuse anyone. So I say bring a tow or repair receipt to work with ya…Nah Nah Nah scratch that if you feel deception I’ll find a new gig. OK dopey thanks for your time it’s your loss! I feel bad for these people since they have kids and families.

Yeah Josh, it is the normal. I too feel bad for the kids

I haven’t worked a regular job for over a year. Even more… But, have filled in quite regularly with some small ones and some non roofing sub work…
I wouldn’t come to an interview bragging, I’d simply say: put me on the job and we’ll both see… Point being every place I’ve ever worked does it slightly different and there’s always an acclimation period.
Yes, I have worked at some of the lesser places in my past. I needed income and ya gotta do what ya gotta do.
However, I’m consistantly early…
And may be slightly slower than a twenty-something year old, but know how to make up for it…
I’m motivated to the point that I see it being a dead end without farther compensation of some type. (doesn’t have to be $).
Will swap rides if it’s mutually convenient or the travel makes sense to carpool, but do possess a valid DL and have my own dependable trans…
Need to be directed, but only until I’d figure out the way the team worked and how you want it done…
Rookie Q’s… Ha Ha…
Can’t judge a book by it’s cover… But the proof does lie in the puddin’…

I am currently looking for a guy.

A reply I got today went along the lines of “Hi, I am interested in the roofing position but have a great fear of heights.”

My advice is to hire highly motivated women and publically praise them for doing well. The men get so offended that they actually work almost as well as the women. True story.

I have seen several women outwork some men Ive had in the past and it really doesnt bother me to work women if roofing is what they want to do…the only problem I see is with the homeowners…around here they usually dont like seeing a woman tote a bundle of shingles up a 40ft ladder and it becomes an issue

Nothing is sadder, more depressing, more entertaining or potentially a bigger waste of time than the residential construction hiring process.


Well I just moved to KCMO from Texas and jobs are slim here as there. I am looking for a jb. I have hit just about every roofing contractor in town and noone is hiring. I have tools, trailer, good attitude and hard worker. Looking for job ASAP. I am reliable and have own transportation and if needed can have a crew of five here in a week if needed. Jobs are slim to none everywhere I guess so if anyone here in the area needs a roofer t add t a crew or a crew give me an email with an address and I will be there.
Rodrigo Rojas

have’nt they heard of womens lib?.. :lol:

Well this is the LAST TIME I pay the same 3 people on fridays.Pay the jokers on friday then the call in’s run like clock work.

Don’t people understand that when you work 40…the pay is good…work 40 more pay is good…work 40 more…pay is good??? Work 32…pay…not so good…

Then they whine about needing an advance…NO MORE.They just started a new payday…MONDAY.

I KNOW what ya mean Roofmaster, I’ve done it with a couple guys before,…only problem was they were gone tues on, needless to say they are not around no more, I do the strike 3…if i like ya, otherwise…see ya!

I have ALWAYS paid on Tuesdays. This eliminates so many problems.

First problem, not having money through the week because they spent it all Friday night. Second problem, calling in on Monday. No one ever calls sick on Wednesday.

I love when new guys start on a Monday and they think payday is Friday. They get all excited thinking they get paid Friday of that week. Then I break the news that they don’t get paid until Tuesday. NONE of them ever understand that if they got paid on Fridays, it would be two Fridays until they got their checks so they should be happy its on Tuesday. Its three days earlier.