Extend roofing for addition

I was going to build an addition to my living space with vaulted ceiling. The pitch on both sides of the roof is 5-1/2-12. On the side I want to build the addition I want to change the roof framing so that it will have a continuous roof. This will result in a roof that will have different pitchs. My question is can I change one side of the roof while keeping the other side? Looking for advise on how to tie the new framing to the existing as well. Thanks.

Rafters or trusses? Can you make a rough drawing?

Trusses and attached is a rough drawing of what the roof plan is compared with the current. Thanks for your help.

Addition roofs are done like that all the time.

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Would the new roof (the side that is being changed) be trusses or rafters?

Rafters usually. But you could get costom trusses made for it.

Nail a 2X6 across trusses at ridge to catch the rafters, build a knee wall on existing exterior bearing wall. That shouldn’t overload the trusses

Dude wants a cathedral ceiling

Upstairs on the existing?

It is not upstairs. It is one level. As I tried to sketch the current wall is going away and the whole load of the new roof will rest on the new exterior wall. Si I think I will take the advise on nailing the 2x6 across the trusses and just nail the rafters that go to the new exterior wall. Thanks for your advise.

Thanks, I think rafters sounds the way way to go.

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Without the knee wall, you’re counting on the trusses to support the roof system. Not considering the shear force that trusses were not designed for. Consult a structural engineer before proceeding.

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Thanks, Darkthirty! So by kneewall do you mean to keep the current wall in some form to help carry some of the load? Maybe a beam stretched the whole width of the house and secured to columns at the end? I would appreciate if you can sketch something to fully understand your take. I want to do it right.

You want to vault the ceiling halfway into the existing house? Is there a center bearing wall? Trusses are engineered for a specific use. Modify them and you could end up with a pile of kindling.

The house has vaulted ceiling and I want to extend that to the addition. It will lose its symmetry but I choose that over having a vaulted ceiling for the current area and flat ceiling for the addition. Does that make sense? Unless I change the whole roofing structure, how else can I achieve the roofing for the addition that ties with the current house?

You’re going to pull the existing ceiling and modify the pitch of that into the addition?