Extending a Ladder Hoist?

I have a roof to do that is 45’ off the ground (flat roof). I have a RGC 40’ x 400lb rated ladder hoist. Has anyone here extended their ladder hoist beyond the 44’ of ladder? I was thinking of using 3-16’ ladder sections and of course use the support arm and tie the top off. Anyone else here have any ideas or have done this? Thanks for your reply!

Don’t forget your hard hat for when the cable breaks and 400 lbs. comes flying down at you from 40 feet high. :lol:

It’s not a problem, but takes special care. It CANNOT be walked up. It’s safest to assemble two 16’s, walk that up. Brace as necessary. Tie the top of the next section to a long rope and have one or two people on top pull it up while another man on a 40’ ladder gets in position to attach the sections.

As for the load dropping, just hold te handle up and let the ground. It won’t hurt anything. I stuck one with 400# of rock 8" into the ground. Latch the brake and you will serpantine, or even collapse the sections and need new ones.

I assume you’re familiar with braking downward loads with the clutch instead of the brake, right? Makes softer stops when lowering loads.

Can’t you get a HIAB truck to lift everything up? Much safer, faster and cheaper.

Thanks guys for your replies. I probably will use a crane on second thought. The cost of a new 16 section and time for set up and take down will be more than using a crane. Thanks again!