Extending rolled bitumen roof - Asphalt or Elastomeric?

Hey y’all,

I’m not a professional by any means, but my family is on a tight budget for the next couple of years, but our flat, rolled modified bitumen roof is starting to show early signs of softening and one or two bubbles.

I’d like to extend the roof for another 5 years or so until we can save up for PVC or TPO, so I’m looking at options for roofing over the existing rolled roofing.

Our budget is under $2,000 and it’s 1500 actual sq ft of roof. I’m seeing a few videos where roofers use acrylic elastomeric coating over an existing mod bit flat roof and that seems to be my best option.

  1. Will elastomeric coating adhere to the modified bitumen roof if I powerwash/clean it and use an asphalt primer? In some videos they completely scraped off the outer protective granular layer, but that seems like it would be unnecessary if an asphalt primer is used.

  2. Should I lay down the fabric layer over the primer, then coat with elastomeric, or sandwich the fiber between two coats of elastomeric?

Any tips or guidance is appreciated - thanks!

Pics would be helpful