Extra Trades in addition to roof, who is responsible?

This forum is great. Great responses on my roofing quality question. One more question since im new to the process and out of my league.

Who is responsible for dealing with the insurance company in securing the extra trades that are common with hail damage (screens, windows, stucco damage etc.)?

My roofer got the roof done but is fizzling out on working with the insurance company to get the extra trades approved. The owner of the company is starting to push the responsibility back to me.

Is this my job or the roofers? If the roofers job, i dont think i should pay for the roof until they finish the job with the insurance company. Thought that was part of the deal. What do you think?

Would it not depend on whether the contractor you hired is only a roofing company vs general contractor?

If they only have a roofing license and only deal in roofing then you probably should have someone else do the other work.

If the claim was already approved, which seems to be the case, did the adjuster not write a scope for the other damages? If so then use the money to get the other stuff done.

Depending on if the contract you signed includes them doing work other than the roof I would pay the roofer and get a release and you both move on.

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Its a roofing company but they say they do gutters and many other trades. The guy at the roofing company sold me on their ability to represent me with the insurance company and get max trades approved. They got the roof approved, but for the trades just sent a bunch of pictures in no particular order. The ins. co. denied all the trades and said the roofing co needed to submit estimates for the trades. The roof co. is lagging on submitting the trade estimates and starting to hint i will need to follow up with the ins co. The roof is done and they want payment for the roof. I think i screwed up letting them do the roof before the trades were approved. If im on my own on the trades, i think i will lose the battle with the ins company since i dont know how the system works / or have any experience with hail damage claims. Shouldnt the trades be part of the total job they do?

It depends on your coverage on the insurance policy. Sounds like the insurance adjuster did not write up any additional scope beyond the roof. If something was legitimately damaged by the hail then you could possibly supplement for additional payment. This is where an experienced restoration contractor could help. Maybe send them the pictures and have a supplement Xactimate written.

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If the company you contracted the roof with doesn’t want to do the other trades or isn’t competent doing them or isn’t competent with insurance work, pay them for the roof and move on. It’s your house, your insurance policy and your responsibility. You should have had all that agreed to before you started the roof.


It also sounds like you hired a deadbeat company to do the roof. Did they pay your deductible?


no. didnt know that was a thing.

It is but it’s also an illegal thing. Insurance fraud.