Extreme Makeover Home Edition Jopln

I am very happy and proud and honored to announce that after submitting an application for participation in the Extreme Makeover Home Edition Joplin.

I got a call today saying we were selected.,we will be providing 2 roofing crews,2 siding crews and a seamless gutter crew for the build.,How COOL is that.,:-)))))

They asked if we could roof in the dark :shock:

They said no.,they provide the lights.I said in that case it will make for a straighter roof. :badgrin:

That’s pretty cool, Dude! :slight_smile:

Congratulations! But does that mean there is a chance we’ll see your ugly mug on TV? LOL

Thanks all.,.,

And A.D.,.,I won’t be to hard to spot.,Just look for the only person with a hard hat,safety glasses, a harness wearing a diaper with a binky and sporting a big rattle in my left hand.,and not to forget one gray sock with a flash light duct taped to my nail gun in my left hand.,. :lol:

Congrats Roofmaster. Do you get to pick the product or do they have something in mind already? Just wondering if they will go with a plain jane laminate or something exotic.

Either way man, way to go.

Congrats! Great thing to be a part of.

We want pictures…

Congratulations on the win!
I know this is a bit off-thread but I came in on your history of roofing sections you submitted last month. I was very interested in the processes you described (galvanized roofing), invention dates, and so on. As an archaeologist I am often left with bits and pieces of structures and it helps considerably when I can say when a structure was built or at least “last modified or remodeled” using some of the building materials. Nails have been fairly well dated and their manufacture researched but there are some materials that it is hard to find “first use” dates or popularity dates. We often find fragments of corrugated metal roofing, galvanized roofing. asphalt shingles and these all have use dates associated with them.

I am particularly interested if you know when galvanized roofing nails were first used in the US? I know that the process is an old one - 19th century but galvanized roofing nails we tend to find on sites dating from the first quarter of the twentieth century. Were galvanized roofing nails used earlier?

Congrats roofmaster, glad to see that they decided to use a local contractor on there show. Good luck I’ll be watching, let us know when its supposed to air :slight_smile:

Hey Jason.,(Agape).,Extreme Makeover is doing 7 houses in 7 days.Since you are in Tulsa and only 1 hour away.,would you be interested in setting in with me on this for a couple ?

Everyone else is pretty far away or believe me I would offer it to you too.

:stuck_out_tongue: Congrats when the show is done it will be on air in a month or two from the finsh date,they came here to buffalo two years ago and thats how long it took, get your fifteen mins of fame and do some networking with other contracters ,this will open up a lot of doors for you ,take advantage of it,.ITS worth IT


may be a VERY good idea man. I might just take you up on that. when is this going down?

Way to go! congrats…

I’d order some of that house wrap and roofing felt with my company name printed all over it. But, then again, not likely the show would let you do that!?

Thats funny.,Meet me at pier 14.,.,I will call Joey “2 Guns” and Bobby “The Bat”.,.,Bring me the money in small bills in non sequential numbers.,.,LMAO

Really though I spoke with them yesterday and they are in the coordination phase.They are giving me a couple weeks ahead of time.We can handle 3-4 but I would like to share the opportunity.

LOL!! Safety is no accident!!

Hey Roofmaster, how about if I just meet you and Jason out there and we can party for a couple of days? Let’s be clear, I’m not doing anything that resembles work. I’m thinking that when they pull that big RV out the way, the three of us can be standing there exposing ourselves with a fifth of some kind of booze in each hand. The ratings will skyrocket!!!

What do you think?

I know donl is going to be P.M’n you saying “A.D.,Don’t encourage him” but;

Hell yes.,We can be wearing our loin cloths made out of Moisture Guard (Sticky side OUT),with the tops of Power Vents as chest protectors,Furnace Caps as head ware,some Epdm as our capes,yielding tater forks yakking about being celestial warriors.

Once they moved that bus.,they would see us and say.,WTF are you doing.,back up that bus.,Hahahahaha

You know, I might even pay to see that one play out on national television… I can’t decide whether the shock of the home owner seeing you guys or the cops taking you out would be the best part.

I’m in for the shenanigans.

We can do whatever,I will change entry from RM to EWS,sorry famous, :lol: