Eyebrow and gutter questions

Hello :slight_smile: Thank you.

I think pictures would be useful with this one. I assume you’re going to roll the shingles over the eaves and gables for that rounded look?

Half round gutters look best on this type of roof.


Thank you for these two prompt responses. To Tinny I would explain that I’m building a hip roof on a simple rectangle. I don’t see a rounded look but rather standard architectural asphalt shingles allowed to extend a bit beyond the edges of the roof such that over time they can kind of sag and otherwise bend down. And I thank Dennis for alerting me to half-rounds. Interesting looking and I can see myself going for them if I must have gutters at all, yet in truth I was hoping not see any gutters, period.

Buy a bundle of your brand of choice. And a bundle of 3 tabs. Cut the bottom 4 1/2" off the tabs. THrow the cut-offs away. You now have starters, Buy a lenght or 2 of 2x10 or 2x12. Apply a course of starter and a course of shingle, butted evenly on the bottom edges, and hang some ‘pairs’ 2" over the wood, some 2 1/2", some 3", etc. Keep in warm garage or near a heater so they get warm enough to sag over a few weeks or months.
This will give you some ideas to play with.

Thank you, Tinner! May very well do just that tho I admit to remaining concerned about rain runoff. Got to figure that one out.

[quote=“dennis”]Half round gutters look best on this type of roof.


Dennis, that ladder is straight up man!!!

I had installed these “Rainhandlers” per customer’s request. We installed to manufacture’s specifications (100%) and we had to remove two years later because of unsatisfactory performance. With the style home you are describing… what Dennis has shown is the way to go.
Dennis, as always, very impressive!