Eyebrow vent

I am scheduling a roofer to come out and add 2 eye brow vent on each side of the original one. This is along a 25 foot ridge.

I noticed these at the big box stores and they only have about 30 sq inches of NFVA? Seems like very little gain.

The roofer doesn’t seem to know when I speak of my target square feet of ventilation. Is this normal, job is still the same though.

Any qualified roofer will know exactly how to figure your ventilation needs without you even asking.

I am wondering what is meant by an “eyebrow vent” since eyebrows generally aren’t built for or require vents.

Perhaps it is a regional term.

He may be able to install your vents. It seems like you may be making up for the knowledge that he lacks.
Impossible to say for sure without knowing him or his talents.
Although it isn’t a good sign.

but do you think the eye brow vent (I think it’s also called pop up) is decent to add instead of doing more extensive ridge vent systems. (I have 1000 sq ft and only have one.

still waiting for price from 2 different companies. I feel most of the cost is install and flash the vents.

I also have them sawzall out a few soffit blocking and install mesh and baffle there. One guy suggested holesaw and put little circular vents but the net free area are completely minimal, and bad looking. Can the baffle be installed from outside, I could always add it myself later.

Honestly if it were me. I would propose adding DCI Smartvent on the bottom of the eaves www.dciproducts.com … and the addition of a baffled ridge vent. Obviously it will cost more, as you previously mentioned price (which means budget).
Although that is the way we do it and it works very well and will 95% of the time be adequate ventilation.

The DCI Smartvent is installed under the first 2 rows of shingles and the air enters freely through there. Without cutting unsightly vents into your soffit area.

If eyebrow vents are what i’m thinkin,put 3 along ridge and smartvent along bottoms…if its only 1000/sq.ft…and make sure you have a clear pathway for air from soffets to ridge.

What kind of NFVA numbers does the smart vent give me.

The soffit block mesh 3"x22" gives about 34 sq inches per mesh.
when 4 are installed that is just about 1 sq ft added.
I already have 4 of them also but I found out it can be doubled to every other block.

I think the smart vent should wait until I have the roof replaced in 10 years.

Well you came here for more opinions, and you have gotten them. I’m sure some other guys will chime in. You will be able to get 100% better air flow with the smartvent. Just my 2 cents

Ok, thanks for your advice, I will ask about the smartvents.
I am not sure if that is so common around here, I think I just caught them on a busy season and they don’t feel like taking my job.

Where are you located?

Also, I don’t think that most roofers are aware of Smartvent, unless they go to roofing conventions or the like.

I am in northern California

In another month, most people will not find out if their roof leaks or not as there usually isn’t another drop of rain for the next few months to come.

But yeah, winter and spring is generally roofers are quite booked.

So… I need to pick out a kind dormer for the ridge area. Getting only 2 installed, I was wondering if it’s a big deal which one I pick. Here is what is available.

constructionmetals.com/Venti … -Vents.pdf

The round ones have alot more square inches and will get me much closer to my goal. My original looks like the rectangular one. So the round ones won’t match up appearance wise, or should I care?

The rough opening of the round dormer is actually smaller. Would you charge the same installing either one? Can you think of a reason the round dormer is not as good (like rain infiltration, etc?)

Question about the paint, it’s galvinized but is it the roofer’s job to spray it with rust color spray paint to match the other vents?

Question about the paint, it’s galvinized but is it the roofer’s job to spray it with rust color spray paint to match the other vents?[/quote]

Mother Nature will do that for free. :smiley:

Can you post pics of your eyebrow and dormer?

Low profile (eye brow) Dormer (4x19") 43 sq in NFVA


Half round dormer (12x24") 100 sq in NFVA

The half round is a slick trick. PURTY!