How do you guys charge for eyebrows? Set charge for each one or some other way? Also, how would you deal with difficult ones, such as 2 stories.

Don’t get me started on this. I put a line item in and attempt to charge 3 shingles at the individual shingle price for each eyebrow. I’ve yet to have any of them pay it but what it does do is help with my argument to give us higher waste %. I had one idiot say “It’s only a couple of shingles, no big deal” so I asked what he was doing in two weeks so he could come out, get up on the ladder on the 10/12 roof to get the second story eyebrows.

I was thinking more like $50-75 per eyebrow because our installers tell me what a PITA they are. More for 2-story ones.

How long does it take on average to do one, off and on (not including killing the wasps).

A.D your so right,the remarks and replys of “its only”,“its not”,and “why does it” send me into fury mode.

I charge 2 times as much for Bays and eyebrows and strip rakes which are less than a full shingle from gutter to peak and charge 3 times as much for turrets.The reasons are obvious.Bays and eyebrows and strip rakes require the necessity of working off a ladder.Turrets require ladders and alot of cut work.Not to mention the danger level is greater when working from a ladder over 1 story.

Service call minimum charge, boys, service call minimum charge. Save yourselves the aggravation of driving out to “bid” a simple repair or service call. It qualifies your prospect on the spot.

WTF are you talking about? This has nothing to do with going out to do a bid. It has to do with Xactimate line item charges.

Oh! Did not see “Exactimate” anywhere in the thread so I thought this was about someone getting beat down on making a repair on some knucklehead’s house and getting the old “why are you trying to charge me so much for 3 shingles?” routine.

BTW, easy with the “WTF,” AD. You’re better than that.

misc item - $75 each, minimum charge.

i get my misc items approved all the time. i just take pictures of what needs done (or what i did) that goes beyond the scope of normal roofing, and charge accordingly.

  1. Ditto i charge 75 for eyebrows and 20 for returns

WTF are you talking about? This has nothing to do with going out to do a bid. It has to do with Xactimate line item charges.

My bad,Dad,The O.P SHOULD have been a little more SPECIFIC with his POST.That would be like me posting saying some sh** like,How do you charge for 2 layers? and someone saying well I charge by the pitch and me replying by saying some goofy sh** like,no I was wanting to know about extra for debris removal and or a carry out.,nothing against you A.D but a huge error in the O.P’s part.

Wow, this thread gets more and more confusing. LOL Roofmaster, I think you got it originally buddy.

No. I meant what do you charge for eyebrows!


Fuggin Sweet,I just by chance stashed in my arsenal of onslaught a guy who has some insane silly Browzzzzzzz.,Feast on Deez Browzz,Demmmz not Browzzz,Dez ur Browz,

Actually, I was asking about redoing eyebrows for insurance purposes or just plain bidding them for any job. Not necessarily Xactimate, but Xactimate would be included. If I was to price them on a job I was just curious how the rest of you charged for them. I looked at a job today with 13 on it and was thinking it would probably take one guy a good part of a day just to do those. A couple of them are 2 stories up and all of them have gutter screen that has to be removed.

Some may disagree but I would add 15% on to the proposal.13 eyebrows is time consuming.If they need to be reflashed and aprons which they SHOULD be then its labor intensive.Who cares if you have a couple joe’s really good at it,charge for it.

Be careful NOT to fall into the shmuck status.Everyone has to work and keep your boy’s working but stand your ground.

When I do anything “specialty” I charge for it.Yeah I can remove and replace a typical bay or eyebrow with ease,but that chit comes at a cost.

dstew, I knew you meant for an estimate as part of a bigger job. Like I said, it is a sore point for me because at one of our locations, there are a high percentage of houses with eyebrows. I like some of the ideas I’ve heard about misc items as these are indeed quite time consuming. It’s the set up time that sucks up so much labor.

I knew you understood me. I was just interjecting some humor into the post. I know roofers appreciate humor. :lol:

Wives? That’s a different story.

It all depends on the circumstances. How big are the eye brows? What are you using for materials? Is it a ritzy neighborhood full of millionaires? The same for returns. Out here I charge $75 to one pc. metal(colored aluminum or steel) a return and I get it allday- everyday. Guys out here tell me im too cheap. A couple weeks ago i did two huge eyebrows, at the top they were nine feet and then down to nothing as the valley progressed down. Time and material, the G.C. paid for the copper, soldiering sticks and etc. It took a day for each one, I paid my lead guy $250 a day for each day and myself $750 for a day for each day, so it cost the G.C. $2,000 for install labor, plus materials and a half of day fabtime, the G.C. paid us cash too, nice. I should of hit him higher. Considering this place, the land probably cost 3-4 million and another 10 million for the house probably. All said the G.C. probably paid out 5 or 6 grand for the copper eyebrows/my services and charged the home owner 12-20 thousand.

Maybe I should of called the roofs I was talking about barrell roofs instead of eyebrows?

Confused I am. When I saw eyebrows I assumed you meant returns, but then there’s mention of returns and eyebrows. :?