Facia confusion

when I went to put the new facia on it stunned me how out the roof rafters are. That makes the pine roof boards go up and down on the top front edge like crazy.

If I am at one end of a rafter and go 16" over to the next it may go up or down over a 1/4" or more.

This confused me in how to put the facia on. The old guy who taught me furniture said tie a string from side to side and be sure the top of the facia is under all the roof boards at the end of each rafter. It makes sense but it going to push the facia down further.

I had thought about it and the ones that are down cause either the rafter shrunk or the notch where it sits on the wall was cut too deep. The notches are all the same so much be shrinkage.

My brain cannot digest this. I feel like I need to bring it up by putting the facia on so it sits above on some and below on others. I thought about shimming it up or putting another rafter piece and pushing the pine roof board on the front edge up. Also thought about pulling the front board and then shimming and putting a new front roof board so I get a good line, this makes sense to me even back past the drip if it dropped a bit it would not show as the main thing is the front edge, besides this would be a good straight base for the drip.

I thought about putting the facia on and trimming it of where it sits high on some but then putting the drip edge on is going to look like crap, the drip will give me a nice crisp front line but if it follows a wavy front edge when it is nailed on it will get distored and it would even look better just hanging shingles over and no drip but I wanted to use the drip and do this nice.

Has anyone replaced facia before, is this normal that things are out so much and how do you approach it. When I took the old facia off it was about 3/4 an inch short of making it to meet the roof everywhere, seems like an awful lot of shrinkage if that is what it was.


This is normal.

Roofers have to deal with this all the time. If the foundation is out of square by an inch, how bad do you think it will be by the time the roof is installed?
Don’t even get me started on masons.

Do the best you can without re-building the house.


As mentioned, this is normal. Remember, the drip edge will hide the inconsistencies from below.

but lets say I go from one rafter to the next and it is down 3/8 of an inch. When you nail the drip on it would pull it down so far it would distort it. But then maybe I shouild just nail it and not pull lit down?

I just dont’ want a drip going on and the trouble and expense and one of the reasons was to have a nice crisp line and then bend it all over.

Will see as I get into it, roofer has gone awal but did get the shingle order in and the company was good to deal with and had good pricing as well.


just run the fasha board allready!