Failing the Brittle test

I have had 2 inspections done on my roof form my Ins. company Allstate. I have a roofing company I want to use. So on the reinspection My roofer guy went up with the adjusters guy to look and it failed 90% on the brittle test. They both told me it failed but allstate says thats only like $100 more added to the patch. My roofer fought to get the 2nd inspection and is fighting now with them.
Any tips for dealing with this.? Thank you

Keep fighting. You apparently are the HO. You probably realize now what a mistake you made paying Allstate premiums all these years when their coverage sucks. Start calling managers going up the ladder at Allstate. Write a complaint letter to your States Attorney General and State Department of Insurance copying your Agent along with the President of Allstate and the VP of Claims. In other words, make it easier for them to pay you what you’re owed versus continuing to deny your rightful claim.

It could cost you some money but you could also have an Attorney send a demand letter with threats of bad faith litigation.

Do you know what happens when the brittle test fails?

It should now be deemed “non repairable.” Therefore, full replacement is warranted. If it fails the brittle test than that means the condition of the shingles are in no condition to be manipulated to perform a repair.

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Have your contractor perform an “attempt at repair” to show that if a repair is attempted, more damage will just be created rather than fixing an issue, it will create more of one.

Hey Miss Supplementer, would you happen to know the roofing code for renailing sheath decking??

2018 International Residential Code (IRC) - CHAPTER 6 ( Item 30/31 table 602.3(1)