Fair Bid?

silver coating = 375
new main roof (if needed) = 1800
remove discard and put up new shingles = 2275

I am cool with the first two, I probably will get the new main roof now. No sense putting it off. Big bubble down the middle. And some depression spots.

My roof is about 650 sqft (38x17). Flat rubber roof with about 4 or 5feet of shingles around the front and 1 side (my house is a twin). I figure about 3 squares worth at most). The quote was for 25yr Tamko 3tab shingles. I was expecting the shingles to be about half that price of 2275. Is this high? or am I off base? Thanks in advance

Is this a trailer or a manufactured home? If it is that explains the price. Most companies do not want to deal with the problems they have. Post some pics or email them to me and i can say yes or no. I can not guess on what i dont see. It could be 100 things that make it cost more. the smaller the job the higher the price. Its just the way it goes. Using 2 different crews would be it. Any shingle crew that goes out for 4 square will charge a crazy ammount of money for such a small job. Alot goes into a bid. Send me more information and i can maake a decision on it.

this is actually a pic of a neighbors house. pretty much the same.

if high price because of small job, should i be able to reduce since i am getting main roof redone?

thanks for your help

Well i see why i cost what it does, thats more than 4 square for 1. Second thing is it a mansard. THey either set up scaffolding or do it off a ladder. I would have charged around 3500 to do the shingles. Thats not easy shingle job. Very hard to do.

Thank you very much GTP.
I appreciate your opinion very much.
I will accept his bid shortly.
Take care.

just for my info, Why am I so off on how many squares?
My math is probably too simple for the shingles but this is what I was basing on

17’ across the front
38’ down the side

about a 5 foot section

85+190= around 300 sq ft

Let me get this straight. You are doing half of that building ???

yes, thats correct.

On my house the twins are actually separated by a chimney. But for amount of work and materials, yes half of that building.

Well first off it will make the building look like hell. Shingles that is. Second off thats your reason right there. I did a half roof this year about 10 square for something like 500 a square. THe less you bring the more you pay. Supply and demand. I would jump on that offer but to be honest you get what you pay for.

once again, thank you. I appreciate your time and effort.

I’m curious - where are you located? You don’t have to tell us the city, but @ least what state & if it’s “upper”, “lower”, etc.

if your talkin bout doin half that mansard and half
of the flat roof , we havent mentioned, for under 3000,
then times are tougher than i think.


gweedo, are you actually saying a price is too low for once? :shock:

Naturally, you can’t force your neighbor to buy a new roof also, but it would be best to avoid tying the new roof system into his old existing roof. In addition, if you are replacing the entire low-sloped roof, I might have gone with a TPO instead of EPDM. However, EPDM probably isn’t a terrible choice on your house since there shouldn’t be much foot traffic on the roof. All the same, I’d go TPO first.

Hey there, Cerebrus… long time no see. How’s that Matt Schaub doing these days? Have the birds stopped circling & bells stopped ringing??

I have a quote out to someone here in Austin who lives in the townhoused R half of a building with a “traditional” sloped roof (7:12) & the L half was replaced about 5 or 6 years ago. I’ve explained the problems with doing only half the building & also that the ridge for the garage is going to require me to remove & replace the ridge cap (it’s also joined @ the one car garages) - the building looks like a wide T shape. There’s no sense in putting a ridge vent on the garage as there’s a firewall between the two sides.

He wants a ridge vent & I’ve offered to make the building more symetrical by adding a ridge vent to both halves of the upstairs; gave a good price for this upgrade to the entire building.

yes ide want 2000 for the mansard alone.
ok 1500.


if intsallin between two homes install a secret gutter down the centre