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The Construction Industry Can Stand Up to Insurers and Insurance Adjusters Market Conduct

**Construction Industry Statistics -
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Statistic Verification
Source: US Census Bureau
Date Verified: 4.11.2012

Construction Industry Statistics Annual Revenue

US Construction industry annual revenue $1.731 Trillion

Number of construction companies in the US 729,345
Number of construction company employees in the US 7.316.240
Average construction company employee salary $45,200

Construction Company Type Statistics

Number of Companies Value of Annual Business
Construction of Buildings 211,956 $748 Billion
Heavy and civil engineering construction 39,439 $260 Billion
Specialty trade contractors 477,950 $722 Billion

**States with the most construction companies **

California 72,173
Florida 51,143
New York 43,409
Texas 37,200
Illinois 30,236
Pennsylvania 28,505
North Carolina 25,457
New Jersey 23,142


What if a site came online that covered really cool and in-depth construction market issues that exposed really bad stuff that (certain) Insurers and Insurance adjusters were doing to other people - like- their own clients and contractors.

Not sayin it will happen…but if it did…would it be an item of interest?

The reason for the curiosity is that some contractors want to expose “The Industry” corruption…and some just want to wait and see what happens.

Well…either way…Many are personally disappointed in the human aspect of the Insurance Industry that feels that they can tread on others, with impunity. When imperfect others imagine that they are above the law, and above criticism, they may very well have forgotten that the law and helpful criticism is a servant to men, and not the other way around.

They may get soooo caught up in the process of shaping things to their own narcissistic and selfish perspective on life, with the permission of others, that they have forgotten that that way of conducting life’s matters always ends up in failure. Always.

One’s may actually have certain privileges and whatever…but prideful arrogance always harms it’s master. Always.

Anyway - Over two decades we have watched certain sectors of The Industry grow more corrupt. This Contractor is going to stand up to “The Industry” and all of its supporters attempts to hurt my family and neighbors.

Well…now it’s time to share some stories…called…Personal Experience and Public Domain Information.

You all know about PDI. The stories sometimes start out…“Once upon a time…”

Well…Once upon a time the Insurance Industry and all of it’s supporters were good and kind - but then something happened…Post-underwriting claim settlements practices designed to create illegal windfall profit, while pretending it was not really happening to honest Insurance Commissioners neighbors and others, fell upon the land.

Thankfully - a group of concerned grown-ups saw the illusion of integrity - and have had enough. So they decided to speak up…

The Industry was not happy at all that they could not keep being bad to their neighbors (unnoticed), and also were afraid that their neighbors would stop sending them money. So they attacked the group…with seeming success…until the group had had enough.

Then The Industry became very afraid that they would be punished…so they tried to do many interesting things to hide their bad behaviour. But it did not prevail, and the Industry, and all its willing supporters, had to mend their ways or go to the castle towers for a very long time.

Some did the right thing, and enjoyed the goodness of freedom. Sadly, Others did not.

The moral of the story is - Don’t be like the Bad Part of The Industry…be like the Good Part.

The End

There are many stories to share, and we like to share.

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[size=100]Contractor Awarded $14.5M In Defamation Suit Against State Farm
Insurer Had Claimed Contractor Damaged Homes[/size]

Hail Creates Firestorm for State Farm
Michael W. Hoskins
July 20, 2011
Keywords Civil case, Court opinions, Courts, Hamilton County, Indiana Trial Courts, Marion County, lawsuit

  • Quote…in October 2008 the insurer sued on grounds that Radcliff’s company committed racketeering and fraud intentionally damaging roofs and simulating hail and wind damage. The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office filed 14 felony charges against Radcliff, but those charges were later dismissed.

Radcliff countersued State Farm in March 2009, charging that the insurance company slandered and defamed him with its allegations. As a result of that negative publicity, Radcliff alleged that his personal and business reputations were destroyed in Indiana and nationally, and he had to close his roofing company. - End Quote