Fair way to pay roofers

i have two roofers that work for me. one has 5 yr exp putting on shingles the other has 3 yr exp putting on metal roofs.has never put on shingles except for helping first roofer on 3 prior roofs. i have a new construction 55 sq 8/12. how would you pay these guys

Cash, check or direct deposit would probably work.

Any of the above methods will work. Some will also accept beer.

Seriously though you need to know what your business costs are and pay accordingly. Their years of experience don’t mean anything. It’s how much production you get out of them. With payroll taxes and comp my true per hour cost is about 1.6 times their hourly wage. Then take into account business overhead. There’s way to many variables for someone to tell you what to pay them without knowing your business or especially your bid price.

I say give them a labor $$$ to do the job…and let let the experienced roofer on the product lead and be responcible. When the job is complete the lead fills out the pay sheet for both roofers.

Not sure of where you live, but $50 a square sounds decent. Of course flashings, I&W and skylights will be extra.