Fall protection question

OK, here we go. Tomorrow by this time, I hope to have the roof torn off and laying on the grass, and working towards replacing the sheathing I need to.

I dug out my FallTech fall harness(Roofing Kit) and have a question for anyone who uses these.

How the hell do you get the included grab to move freely on the rope? It looks like they have the basic model thrown into this package. It’s supposed to track up and down the rope lifeline as you move around. Testing it in my garage, with the end of the lifeline chucked in the vise, I couldn’t get it to track.

Is there some trick to this that I’m missing? I can’t find any way to move the ring into a locked upright position. There’s no release that I can see.

At worst, I’ll use it like a manual grab and call the company on Monday and ask them…I thought perhaps someone has used this version and has some info.




I posted a reply to your question on another site.



I posted a reply to your question on another site.


what is the addy to other site?

The “grab” is spring loaded on the ring side. You need to squeeze and hold it in, slide where needed and release. Wouldn’t be much good if it moved freely along the rope would it?

you gotta squeeze it like you mean it. Augie

like tar siad you dont want it sliding all the way down.

Yeah, it became apparent as I was using it how it should be done. I was under the impression it was spring loaded to allow free travel along the rope until a sudden jerk (as in the jerk went over the side :stuck_out_tongue: ), then it would grab. I see now that’s wrong.

On a positive note, it allowed me to just about hang over the edge to do work that without it…I wouldn’t even get close to.

The part that sucks is trying to get away from Yellow Jackets while wearing the thing. Easier said than done.

I managed to get about 8 sq laying in ruins on the ground in about 3.5 hours work. Not to bad for a fat man with a bad back. Now I have about 2 million nails I have to pull yet, perfect job for when the sun goes behind the trees. I must have done something right, the forecast is clear sailing until Wed night, then clear again into the weekend.

I just may get this thing done yet!