Faulty vents or bad flashing?

I am new to this forum and am hoping one of you experts can suggest a solution to stop the rain from coming in the two wooden attic vents and the flashing on the front of my house. I just posted a picture of the front of the house, called “Vents and flashing.” Caulk helps at times, but not always. Rain from the north comes into the attic in this area, and I am ready to end this problem once and for all. Are there better replacement vents, or is the flashing installed wrong? I would appreciate any help to stop the leaks. Thanks in advance. Tom

Here is your pic


Bread, I don’t know how you got the pic to the post, but that will make it much easier. I was happy just to get the pic to the gallery. Anyway, for anyone with time to offer a suggested fix, I think the real culprits are these two vents, and the water runs down by the flashing. Like I said, I am ready to have these vents replaced if that would solve the problem. Thank you for your input. Tom

First, get some plastic and seal off the vents from the outside and see if the leak goes away. You need to isolate the cause first.

Not really any point speculating till you’ve done that.

I agree with tar. You will have to isolate the area before proceding.

If your not leaking after you seal off the vents. Use geocel to seal any problem areas on them. I suggest venting your home with ridge vent. You can seal the flashing with geocel also if that turns out to be your problem. The step flashing looked nice though. It’s going to suck, if you end up having to tear out a run of shingles and replace the flashing.


How old is your house?

Looks more like a masonary problem. Some of the joints look bad.

Most people blame the roof whenever there is water coming into the house. They start chaulking everything they can think of. Which can cause more leaks then it fixes.

Alot of people use ridge vent as a cure-all.

Ridgevent rules dude!

Thanks for the tips. I would seal off the vents myself but I cannot get up there because it is too high (about25+ feet) and the roof to get to the upper vent is too steep. So, I guess I must leave it to the pros. I believe the problem is with the vents because I can see the water there from inside the attic. With some rains, the insulation below the vents inside even gets a little damp, like there is a really strong draft pulling the rain into the vents. The house is nine years old and has one turbine on top. I am just hoping the pro who is coming by to give me an estimate will just replace the vents and guarantee it to not leak for life. Am I asking too much? Thanks again. Tom


How much water are we talking about?

I would not close off those gable vents.

It is not a lot of water, and sometimes none at all, if the rain is not coming from or blowing from the north. But, it is enough that I have to leave a couple of towels and small buckets in three or four places in the attic just in case. One bucket got maybe a cup of water during the last hard rain. I am not planning to close off the vents, just maybe replace them with some with less space between the slats, be made of something besides wood so it never needs painting, then have them installed correctly and guaranteed not to leak ever again. If the house wasn’t so tall and the roof so steep, I would be able to keep it caulked and painted. Guess we’ll see what the pro has to say today or tomorrow. Thanks. Tom


Have a pan made up at a sheet metal shop. Put this pan in front of the vent. Never have to worry again.

You are opening yourself up for a lot of headaches. How do you know this guy is an expert?

You keep saying that you are going to have it installed correctly???