Faux Ridge Vent, Wood Soffit, Gable Vents

Hey Folks,

I sold my house (built in 60’s) and going through this inspection hell. Had my roof done a couple years ago and thought it was done great, no leaks, no nails in my yard or blown off shingles, etc.

He added a ridge vent and on a roof that didn’t have one prior. I still have wood soffit and gable vents.

The inspector noticed there were no cuts in the sheathing for the ridge vent. I talked to the roofer and he was positive it would have been done but was willing to come take a look to verify.

My main question is, if there was no ridge vent before and no soffit vents, would it be acceptable/preferred to leave it without the cuts? Now if the new owner decides to replace with vinyl and add the vents then I would assume ridge cuts are needed. But as is, would the gable vents provide enough ventilation without the ridge cuts?

The buyer agent says they would take a written statement saying there is proper ventilation without the ridge cuts (assuming there is) or I can wait for him to get back over here to do the cuts, or pay another guy $350 to do it.



Ed, I don’t know the answer. I am learning about same topic of ventilation as i begin process of getting new roof. Thanks for posting.

I like the following article by Martin Holladay. I would include pdf of article but this format does not allow so hopefully this link works. I included the beginning of article below.

Fine Homebuilding https://archives.finehomebuilding.com/finehomebuilding/feb-mar-2015-249/flipbook/86/

Except in some specific cases, building
codes and shingle warranties require
new roofs to be vented.

If you’re building a house with an unconditioned
vented attic, the necessary attic-ventilation
details are fairly straightforward, especially
if the house has a gable roof. They include
soffit vents (and usually a ridge vent) along
with ventilation baffles that provide open
pathways for air to travel from the soffit
vents along the underside of the roof sheathing to the ridge.

Although the essential components for
attic ventilation are straightforward, mis¬
takes are common. Believe it or not, some¬
times it’s as simple as the fact that the roofers
forgot to cut back the roof sheathing at the
ridge before they installed the ridge vent.
Here are some key points to remember.