Fell today

So, after 11 years I had a first. Climbing up the roof 1st thing in the morning I slipped, fell and slid down. 18’ drop and a disloacated hip. Hope they let me out of the hospital tomorrow. Anyone else ever have a nasty fall?

About 10 so far. :smiley: Broken arm, cracked ribs, popped out back, dislocated shoulder, broken hand, broken fingers, etc. Just the usual stuff.
Twice, I’ve fllen after tearing off a section of roof. Both times, I went back up with a broken arm and felted it in before going to get a cast.
Fingers are easier. Just set them and stablize with duct tape and you only lose a few minutes of your time. Same with toes.
No biggie. Just hop back up there and get 'er done Bud. :smiley:

Wow tinner! This was my first and hopefully last fall. At least it was new construction so no going back up to finish drying in haha.

fell 4 times, hurt once, shattered my leg between the knee & the ankle. Steel rod now with some nerve damage in the foot. Could of been worse, fell about 12 feet onto frozen ground, new construction

I went off the roof trying to get away from some wasps once. 17 feet to the ground, used a big thorn bush to break my fall at around the 12 foot mark, then landed flat on my back. I tell ya, all those years of watching WWF payed off, didn’t even knock the wind out of myself.

In 20yrs on the roof I’ve fallen twice, hit the ground once. First time was in Arizona, my first week roofing. I just walked off backwards and landed flat on my back. Second was years later in Louisiana. We were loading a 4/12 early morning and there was dew in the galvanized valley… I managed to grab a toe board left by the framers on the way over the edge and hung there by one arm till my buddies pulled me back up.

Took many a ride on a piece of felt paper, sometimes hitting toe boards hard enough to send them flying off the roof. Luckily I have very good reflexes and have always hand nailed… Say what you want about hand nailing but my Estwing hatchet has saved my ass more times than I can count. I can flip it and drive the blade through a roof deck in a heartbeat.

Very sorry to hear about your injury. Hopefully you will be back to normal soon.

In my 30 years I fell 3 times. All of which were in the first 5 years.

The first time I had been roofing about a year. My cousin who had even less experience was helping me install a roof on new construction. He was roofing on the front where the ladder and shingles were and me on the back. We were carrying our own shingles up an older extension ladder. When he went to roof the bottom where the ladder was, instead of just sliding it over, he picked it straight up and then moved it over. Unknowingly he had pulled the hooks off the rung but the old ladder stuck right there. When I came over from the backside for another bundle and stepped on the ladder it went straight down. I fell about 10 feet plus 6 more into a trench that was dug around the house. Somehow I escaped injury.

Second time I had about 2 yrs experience . A guy was passing up shingles off the back deck and I stacked 4 bundles of 3-tabs behind a pvc pipe on a 7/12 slope. Then I sat down on them and lit up a smoke. About a minute later there was a loud pop. I slid down about 5 feet and just barely had time to push outward with my feet as I knew those bundles would be coming off the roof after myself. I hit the back deck about 5 feet away from the gutter. One at a time the 4 bundles hit the deck about 3 feet behind me. Whew!!!

The third time was 12/12 slope new construction. I tested a bottom walk board put on by whoever did the felt job. It felt and looked as solid as any I had ever tested so I got on it and took off across the roof. When I got in the very middle the darn thing just popped right off giving me ZERO reaction time. The brick masons had a scaffold set up below and were on it laying the bricks. I flipped around, hit the scaffolding with my back, flipped around again and landing on my back again on the ground. About a story and a half fall. Got the wind knocked out of me, was in shock and could not speak. My mouth was moving but nothing came out. I walked around the house a few times trying to shake it off but ended up asking the boss to take me home. Had some back pain and could not work for about a week. But after that it was business as usual with no long term effects.

I was fortunate and that last time turned me into a very cautious roofer. Hopefully it won’t ever happen again. I don’t take chances on the roof anymore.

All this talk of falling and not a single picture! :roll: In this day of cell phone cameras, it should be pretty easy to do.
When I realized I was on the way to the ground today, instead of wasting my time grabbing stuff, I was able to grab my camera to take a picture. :smiley:

I couldn’t get a hook ladder on the ridge due to the vents, and I didn’t feel like scaffolding, so I just slipped the rippers onto 100 year old 1" wire nails to climb the roof. :shock:

There is a reason you’re not supposed to do that if I’m not mistaken. :twisted:

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You fellows take note and relax when you fall because it hurts a lot less than being panicked and tense. AND GET THOSE ACTION PIX! :lol:

If you haven’t fell you have never really did roofing in my opinion .
Most of the time it is usually your own fault .

[quote=“roofer45885”]If you haven’t fell you have never really did roofing in my opinion .
Most of the time it is usually your own fault .[/quote]

12+ years and haven’t fallen yet. Not up on many slopes though so that could be the main reason. Witnessed a couple, but I tell you the stories I’ve heard of people falling…

Two “bad” falls so far. First was when I was a neophyte, was yanking off old drip edge by hand, walking backwards. Walked right off the edge, fell about 15’ and landed flat on my back on a concrete driveway. Lacerated liver and a whole body bruise. Second was up on a 2 story 10/12 in the rain trying to find a leak. My cushion rolled and it was slide time. Hooked a toe in the gutter, but it just blew out past the spikes. 25’ fall, landed on my feet on wet red clay, feet slipped and took 90% of the impact on my ass. Two vertebra wit compression fractures. Had so much adrenaline that I tried to straighten the gutter out before realizing “oh shit, I’m really hurt”. Lessons learned, I’m a more cautious cat now.

Over 20 falls , I’ve lost count.
Never had a single injury of any kind.

I’ve jumped off the roof more times than that showing off.
But stopped many years ago.
I treat my back and knees carefully now.

When I was a child, whenever my parents would have me rake the yard, I would jump off the roof into the pile for fun.

“If you haven’t fell you have never really did roofing in my opinion .”

That’s one of the most ignorant statements I’ve read, ever. :shock:

I can’t say I had a bad fall, but I did get my arm got in an extending ladder while retracting it the other day. My arm’s still a little sore.

[quote=“roofer45885”]If you haven’t fell you have never really did roofing in my opinion .
Most of the time it is usually your own fault .[/quote]

Almost 20 years roofing fell off a ranch once about 8 ft off the ground and landed on my feet. Knock on wood.

Ive been in the business for 4 years now, and fell 16 feet this winter. Got into some ice on a toe board on new construction took the fall ith my shoulder and head. Had a concussion and rotator cuff inflammation.

And in reply to tar monkey, ive been taught by my father to hand nail. I believe its the only way to shingle. Props to you from a young hand nail shingler.