Felt buckles

ok guys so …

you leave the roof watertight with felt… you show up the next morning and it looks like the ocean full of waves … You are going to shingle … So … now you have to decide if to cut the buckles or shingle overthem and end up with an ugly looking roof … So you cut them …

Here is the part a lot of roofers do diferent …

some roof over the felt that is cut … Some seal it with henry’s … Some patch it with another piece of felt…

What do you do ??? and why ?? :mrgreen:

I cut them & felt over the slice,Q.I dont want me or my cord to get caught up in the mastic.How does 30 a sq. sound for a shingler?Looks like Im gonna do Jeff`s house.YEP,going back to work this week.Got a full load.Hey I never heard from yer bonding lady…Johnny

cool im glad you ok … hey ill post a private message with her number check it out and give her a call… she must be really busy but i talked to her and she is nice… gimme a buz if you need a hand with that comp :wink:

i wait 4 the felt to dry and the felt will lay back down

I wait for the felt to dry.

there is always something else to do :smiley:

I never leave just felt on overnight. I always finish what I start!..but then, thats just me. 8)

Posted: Sat Jul 29, 2006 5:53 pm Post subject:

I wait for the felt to dry.

there is always something else to do



sometimes it can take half a day for the felt to flatten out … Do you still wait ?? Specialy when the customer wants the job finished yesterday :expressionless:

here in tampa bay it only takes an hour of sunlite ,
so by the time your set everything up theres at least one side thats layin flat enough to shingle.
now if you got a cold day with clouds, then i just cut the felt.
you know me buy now, i dont care whats under the roof.
i just care about the roof itself.

now if you cant bring yourself to cut the felt, then you can stretch a tarp
over an area, the night before, and it will be flat in the mornin.

yea here we are overcast since we are by the beach… sometimes sun dont shine at all… There is a school they tore off and dryed in by my house like 2 months ago … I would guess is about 200 squares 4 in 12 … the have shingled about 20 … I dont know why they tore it off and felt it in so much if they are not shingling it… Maybe city inspector stuff …

might be an open deck inspection Q.

thats what i tought also since this city is very strict… But is been like that for months… felt is flopping in some areas allready they didnt fastened the laps :evil:

Well i normally tear what ever i can reshingle that day. For those days when it does not work out i tarp and if all wet then i tear off the old flet and install new i just cant wait. Normally this does not happen i use that fiberglass stuff. But hey everyone does there own thing a little different. Hope all is well with everyone im on vacation! finally.

first of all, use good felt like “Roofers select” then make sure the guys know how to put it on straight “gotta use buttons”. in the morning hit it with the leaf blower when it dries it will flatten out “just like magic”.
never any sliceing or diceing if you do this. it will also flatten when the sun dries it but slower.


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