Felt-No Felt

OK, I now have 4 estimates on a re-roof over an existing flat 3 tab.-33Sq
#1 says strip off 17 YO. & start new.
#2 says put down 30# felt and re-cover
#3 & 4 say no felt, just cover w/ laminated shingles.
I want to have the job done right, money doesn’t grow on trees, but I don’t plan on having it roofed again. Est. $5100- $7925
I called a shingle maker (Portland, OR) & he said to cover w/ 30# felt to allow breathing & getting the roof dry, then re-cover.
It would seem to be proper to spray exist. roof w/ moss killer, roofing cleaner etc. before they start roofing. Then sweep the roof w/ heavy broom. The roof may have a slight amount of moss after 17 years, but the broom should get rid of it. (right?)
Confused & Waiting for the Salmon run to start.
Thanks in advance !!!

OK, heres my opinion…

this is from experience.

You can overlay it.

Like they said, sweep off any moss on the old shingles.-moss will die because it will be dry with the new roof.

Do not lay 30lb felt down, it will cause voids under the shingles, which will shorten the life of the new shingles.

Overlay with the same size exposure shingle as you have now.

Butt and run, short shingling the first course.

If you want to never roof it again, Then I say to tear it off and start new…that is IF you want the best long-term value. Re-rtoofing is NEVR better…just an expensive stopgap.

I’m in total agreement with Aaron on this one.

ditto Aaronb.


Ok guys, let me get this straight…

Aaron, slater and gweedo, all of you agree that if he tears off the old shingles, he would NEVER have to roof his house again???

All of you agree to this?

Do you guys know something about the lifespan of the world and its demise?

Or you know the lifespan of dogrobber?

Or now, if you tear off the old shingles, it makes the new shingles last forever?

This is creepy?!?!?!


I have found that even on roof-overs ten years old or less, the shingles are cracking at the humpties. This is not good.

I see no benefit to roofing over a roof, except to double to cost of roofing when the shingles fail in half the time.

True Aaron, BUT, when the 2nd layer is installed correctly, you don’t have the “humpties”. and I have not seen any “significant” loss of shingle life when the installers put the 2nd layer on… correctly.

WAIT !!!

I am only refering to installing a 2nd layer over 3-in-1s !!!

NEVER install a second layer over dimensional shingles!!!

but seriously, he will NEVER have to roof his house again? just by tearing off the original layer? NEVER ??

I shoulda said…“with the right covering”…
copper lasts thousands of years :slight_smile:

Thanks guys,
I really appreciate your comments regarding my situation. I live in a small town (pop. 10K) 30 miles N. of Portland. I feel we need to have a sign at the edge of town " Not available in this Town at this time".

I’ve always wondered what a “Lifetime Warranty” was. I’m 66 so if it on me it probably is not a great concern (decade wise)

If however it is the lifetime of the product, we could sing the old song
" it dont mean a thing"
AGAIN, thanks for your info.

most mfg warranties dont mean a thang.

there are so many loopholes in mfgs. warranties that they are not worth the paper they are written on!!!

Hi roofmasters128,

I am confused.

On this post you say manufactures warrantys are not worth anything.

On other posts you asking if a product is warranted.

let me rephrase, most shingle manufacturers warranties are nill, but commercial roofing warranties that cover both material and labor problems on commercial buildings are different as they cover you even if the installer made a mistake.


If you are certified and purchase the labor warranty. You are covered on both.

And these type of warranties are only available for commercial roofing systems on commercial buildings, I don’t know of any manufacturers that are covering residential projects, do you?

no shingle manufacturers have any type of warranty like that, but some are offering “extended warranties” that can be purchased when the material is installed by a cert. installer, but those are still limited.

Hydro-stop does NDL Labor and materials on residential and all others.


You have to buy the commercial warranty’s too.

My labor and shingle materials are covered by GAF.

if he puts copper on he might not have to roof it again.
but i think the thread must have been misleedin to ya G
shingles dont last a lifetime.


Felt Smelt! I only put that crap on for appearances, or to make sure my roof dont leak when I run out of time to put shingles on. The manufacturers rep the author called had a good line. You don’t need felt, but I think you should always rip the first layer off for more bang in the long run buck. I always put felt on because I don’t feel like explaining it but I’m here and bored so why not fight it. It doesn’t do crap and the manufacturers know it. Plus, it doesn’t really cost much more for me to install it or in materials, but I’m sure the manufacturers are making a boatload from everyone installing it. Theyre (the manufacturers)just nickel and diming you. It’s claim to fame is it makes for a nice temporary system, it works as a back up for blown off roofing (sometimes), and it has some miniscule fire rating. Thats it.