Felt Vs Synthetic

Whats your opinions pros and cons for synthetic and felt.

Pros:synthetic is an excellent product.
Pros:felt is cheaper,4sq.rolls,no cardboard to deal with.,did I say cheap,cheap,cheap its better on steep.
Cons:Marks a new roof up going from felt to new work,
wrinkles up especially in high humidity.hurts like hell to catch a 40mph wind gust to the face.,The wind getting under it and blowing it all of Missouri.

Im glad you asked this question because Ive been meaning to see who is using what and why.

Personally I started using palisade synthetic about a year ago and i like it much more then felt.

-Cost is literally the same as 30# felt. I pay 115 for a 10 square roll and 30# is like $22 for a 2 square roll. this also equals way less labor in moving and loading rolls around the roof.
-Hold strength is way higher even with just staples.
-Does not wrinkle up with moisture. walking strength is better on step slopes. Ive used it up to 8-9:12 with out any issue.
-No clogging of tack hammers, no black marks on your hand or gloves.

  • any wrinkles that do form dont show through the material.

-A pain to install with any wind due to its weight.
-Tough to cut unless your blade is brand new.
-Takes getting used to pulling straight since is pulls oddly and wrinkles if stapled in one spot then pulled tight. easy to pull the wrinkles out though!

We exclusively use Synthetic. The biggest pro I have is better safety for the crew. Never seen or heard of a piece of synthetic tearing away and one of the crew surfing down the slope. Added benefit, IMHO, of providing a better moisture barrier for the Homeowner. A 10 SQ roll weighs around 30 lb, easier for the crew to handle.

Bottom line, a year ago, I took a couple of rolls out to our best crew, asked them to try it and tell me their thoughts. The feedback was they strongly preferred it. I ain’t the smartest guy in the world but I am generally smart enough to listen to the guys that make it happen for us.

I see few if any cons and a lot of pros. Biggest thing, I sleep a lot better knowing the guys working their butts off are a bit safer and that we’ve eliminated one potential hazard they face. With that said, I really don’t care if it costs more money.

we have used rex a few times the main problem I have w/ synthetic is almost impossible to walk on when wet

Traction issues aside, wouldn’t it be cheaper to just use tarps? Virtually identical. Lays flat, holds moisture underneath, and way cheaper. Nearly identical in composition.
I remember when the shingles were used to keep the water out instead of the underlay.

Good stuff Tinner.

we usually use felt. We dont have any issues with it at all. I do like the Opus synthetic though.

Thanks for the responses. Personally I like synthetic, we just had a ho swearing that felt was the way to go because of what she read online.

Not sure what she read and it looks like on here everyones pretty neutral.

[quote=“Aroofing”] just had a ho swearing that felt was the way to go because of what she read online.

Nothing worse than an educated HO. :smiley:
Personally I appreciate a stupid HO!!!
Or a sleazy stupid little Ho.!!!
Mine likes for me to call her a dumba** Ho!!![/quote]

gotta get the H.O in check.

Were doing a big project in town with the Titanium UDL synthetic underlay, using it for the first, and hopefully the last time.

-It doesn’t hold chalk lines, rain or your safety rope with erase chalk lines.
-I sat on a 7/12 piece and almost slid off, wouldn’t happen with felt paper.
-Traction on felt paper is 100% better than on Titanium, even with the “sure-grip” stuff.
-Any sawdust and you might aswell be wearing roller blades. Can’t wait ti try it in the frosty weather…
-A lot harder to install in the wind than felt, and we get lots of wind here.

-10 sq roll weights 30lbs
-You can have your company logo printed on it???

I much prefer felt paper over the Titanium brand of synthetic underlay. Traction, installation, guide lines and general overall use, felt is easier and safer.

THERE is NOTHING wrong with felt,synthetic is just another sales gimmick,main thing with me is YOU CAN WALK FELT…Synthetic… :roll:

I am all for synthetic, I find it easy to walk on and very easy to hancle.

5/12 and up and a lil wet…its the chits to walk…

Were doing a big (600sq) retirement home here in the Loops, mostly 5/12 with some 7/12 dormers. I agree totally with you, I feel almost nervous on the 5/12 and borderline petrified on the 7/12. The funny part is, this Titanium stuff has more stick on the back of it than the front.

Is that how your rollin it out?does it work?

For synthetics I use Titanium UDL.

What I like about it is that it is 4’ as opposed to 3’ wide.
It is much lighter.
It is white so it is much cooler to work on in the heat.
It has a great walking surface on it, we can easily walk up 12/12’s on it.
It stays on it a stiff wind if it is cap nailed properly.

What I don’t like about it is that it isn’t stiff like 30# felt so that it is harder to slid up under stuff and the wind will make it harder to install nice and flat.
If you walk on it before the next course is applied it will sag if not fastened at the top leading to a loose installation.
It doesn’t dry out as quickly as felt and it can’t be torched for drying or ice removal.
It has a rough surface which is good for walking on but it will peel skin off if you slid your hand along it.
It doesn’t hold chalk lines as well and the lines will move if it isn’t installed tight and flat.

I have noticed the same thing with other synthetics.

The backside of Titanium UDL has a rubber like coating on it, this is meant to not slid on the deck, if you install it upside down I suspect it will be very slippery if wet or damp.

I stick with felt unless syn. is called for.

Ive tried alot of the synthetics the last 5 years or so.I hate titanium. I liked the Grace Triflex alot.It is easier to walk on, untill you get to much dust. It has a tighter weave to it, so you can slide a bundle without causing leaks.It WAS white, so stayed cool and chalk stuck better than titanium. Rolls where 42 inches wide, so easier to handle than Titaniums 48 inchers or Deckarmors 5 footers. Best part is its cheaper out here than 30#. Now Grace has changed it to BLACK! Dont like that to much.They also seemed to reformulate it, as the new stuff is stickier and almost stretchy.