Fiber Aluminum Roof Coating Issues

I had a roofer apply a fiber aluminum roof coating 2 weeks ago. The weather was 55 degrees or so at 3pm when it was applied and got down to 40 that evening. Now 2 weeks later, the coating is still brown in spots. Is this normal? If it’s not right, what should I be asking the roofer to do, how does this get fixed?

Applying this coating really requires 2 coats.
Also i dont think he knew he needed to stir it throughly before.
Is a lot of stirring!!!
Best done with a drill!
If he didnt use a drill and you didnt see him breaking his back fir 20 minutes hand stirring it,
Than it wasnt mixed right.


roof-lover. Thank you for the reply. Can this be fixed by applying another coating that is mixed well enough?

Yes, this is the most forgiving coating.
It is why it is to be used.
Because each new coat over the years adheres on to the one below without any special cleaning.
And the coating below will not be trying to
Peel up .
This coating wears away instead of peeling away… like the Elastomerics.

Just sweep, blow and install a new coat.
But it has to be stirred.
A dip stick to the bottom should reveal no clumpiness and the paint should fall off the stick with no fibers hanging on to the bottom of it.

Install 2 coats.
On a sunny day you can re-apply in just a couple hours.
Apply every few years or so.

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I use painters tape
Building my own”gravel stop”
To keep the alluminum paint from dripping down the face of the eve-drip metal.

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Again, great feedback. Thank you for the insight.

I’ll use a 2 - 2 1/2 inch or so painters tape.
One inch on the metal.
And an inch or so tape suspended in the air.
Giving me a big rib/ blocker.
Then i hand brush the edges with a 4 inch brush
Then i go to the 12 inch or more rollers.

Make sure your cars are far away.

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