Figuring your proposal

Heres how i figure up my price.
I know i have 10 general components to the roof.
I quickly write the ten items.
Then write how much i paid next to each item to find out how much all material cost.

  1. Shingles. ( most expensive item)
  2. Underlayment ( next highest expense)
  3. Eve drip.
  4. roofing nails
  5. Sheeting nails
  6. simplex nails
  7. boots
  8. bull(roofing cement) and sealants
  9. Vents
  10. Valley metal

Extras would be wood, skylights, flashing.
Add the tax and delivery charge and then i know the cost of my roofing material.

Add in cost of permitting and associated dump fees.
Add in known cost for labor and workmans comp
And fee for general liability.

And then i add 3200 minimum for profit.
Up to about 32square
After 32 sq, it is at least 100 per sq profit.
But it goes up with difficulty.

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You should take your material and labor costs. Probably add 25 to 30% for Overhead. Then divide by .6 to get a 40% gross profit. GL and WC come under Overhead. If you use Quickbooks, your Accountant should be able to quickly tell you what your overhead is.

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My overhead is covered too.
Even though it appears i am only asking 3200 min profit, i make considerably more on every job.
I add at least 200 for wood budget.
Most of the time its not used.
I buy my shingles from the supplier.
But i try to buy everything else from other roofers.
I’ll get it for a third of retail…
Underlayment, nails, cement, evedrip
But i budget my supply bill as though i paid full price.
I make an additional 300 savings on average right there.
Then, we on a regular basis are a couple of squares over.
That gives us an additional 600 or so.
So this is almost an Additional 1000 dollars that would pay for any additional overhead.
By the way, i have No real additional overhead.
No office, (Away from where i live)
No salesperson
No monthly software fees
No membership fees
No paid Advertizing
My men provide all their own tools.

Having the best reputation is key.
My customer is the sales person to my next customer.
I never have to give a reference
Because they want me before i even get there.

Even though i pay top dollar to my guys,
more than anyone around me.
I work on every job like a dog.
When i dont have to lift a finger.
I do the lowliest work all day long.
With no homeowner spoken detail missed,
No miscommunication between homeowner to salesperson, to foreman and then to crew.
I’m Always there to answer any questionable look on their face.
I answer their questions before they ask them.
I Keep their yard and walking spaces clear the second they drive up.
I Humble myself in every way to them.
We work dawn till dusk unless we are finished
And i am there before and after my men leave.
The homeowners are extremely impressed with this and they tell every one.

And then my men love me because nobody else treats them like this.
I pay them more then they expect too.
So They smile when they think of me.


What are working hours? Quarter of dawn til darkthirty! That’s how I got the name…


Exactly baby!!
The white guys always ask me
What time we are going home?
DARKTHIRTY is the answer.
Funny thing is, i have to tell them over and over and over again…
They are always hoping for a different answer.

Most of their old ladies think that it means they will be home at dark.
No, it means we wont be stepping off the roof until dark…

And DO NOT call me until after full dark, dammit!

Oh i know it!
That string of phone calls you hear thirty minutes before dark…

Got a lot more work done before everybody had a cell phone! When I leave it in the truck, it’s a nice day!

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How are your workers comp rates with all that overtime?

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They are great, thank you.

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Roofing isn’t a factory job!

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