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I discovered my roof was leaking while patching up drywall last week. The house has a 2 story side and 1 story side. Both have gables that run in line. The lower gable is leaking in at the edge near the gutter and about a foot from the two story side wall. The wall has vinyl siding. I went inside the attic and found a 9" section of roof sheething rotted away and dripping water onto the top wall plate. The roof is asphalt and about 7 years old. I inspected it and can’t see anything wrong with it. The only thing I think it could be is the vent stack for the first floor bath. It’s about half way up the roof and 2 feet to the left of the leak. Any advice how I could isolate the source of leak would be great. Thanks

99% of all leaks are from a flashing detail such as vents, pipes, chimneys or step flashing. if it is right near the wall that meets a roof line its probably step flashing. try to post a few pics and maybe we can diagnose it a little better.


Call a roofer that does repairs.

Hope this helps.

On a dry day, ask a buddy if he can help by looking at the leak location from the interior while you take a bucket, gallon jug or something else filled with water to the roof where **you think ** the leak could be comming from. Slowley start appying water at the lowest point of the roof at that location and work your way up from there remember take it slow because your looking for exact lacation which could mean an area the size of a roof nail vs. ten sq,s. Once you pin point the exact spot you can start ruling out the mybee,s.

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Watertest? NO way! Find the leak and fix it.

I test all my valley and the fascia see whir you think your lek is at.

watertests to find leaks are for rookies.

Photos would really help, however it does sound like you’ve got a vent pipe issue.

Do you know if you have “3-in-1” type pipe boots (alum / rubber or plastic / rubber), or Lead Jacks (a big sleeve that fits over the pvc pipe)?

There is one other type of boot called an EPDM, however it’s uper duper rare to see one on a shingle roof (not the right kind of product).

How long have you lived in the house? Was it re-roofed under your ownership?

Do you have strips (3Tab) or Dimensional shingles? This may allow us to explain how difficult it may or may not be to do a proper repair.

Keep in mind that if you do have severely rotten wood, a deck repair is in order because rotten wood won’t hold a nail & in a high wind event, you could lose shingle integrity.

PS: Where are you located - what end of the US, @ least.[/list]

PS: While “water tests are for rookies”, I will assume that this homeowner with a question IS a rookie.

That’s why he / she came here for assistance.

ok but the roofers are supposed to be experts. How can one tell where the leak is via watertest? sometimes the water needs a while to snake its way through, and can often show up in the attic far from the source. spinning your wheels.


The water test can prove it is not the roof.

thats the one thing it CAN do, Lefty. I bow in your presence.

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You always make me chuckle.

watertestin wont hurt anything.

ditto ranchHand.


I goess youre right…unless the roof is leaking. :frowning:

Water flows downhill, it’s not rocket science.

…and another insightful post by Captain Obvious.

Ask a stupid question…

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