Firewood Rack Roof

I fabbed up two 12’ long firewood racks for holding my wood outside. The units are similar to the photo below but will taller ends.

I have been toying with the idea of putting a pitched roof 2’x 13’ on each rack.

How would I end the final course since it would be a roof without a ridge like the photo at the bottom right of the photo below?

If it is going to butt up against the wall spec would be to flash it with headwall flashing, minimum of 2" up the wall & 3" on the roof.
You want the flashing to be behind the siding.

And if it’s going to be free standing, you can finish it with a piece of flashing depicted below. Make it about 4 inches on the roof and 3 inches down the backside of the structure. Fasten to the roof and caulk nails.

Thanks guys. It is going to be freestanding so what bcdemon said makes great sense.

I was looking at the materials and since I only need a little bit the standard roofing quantities are really adding up.

I guess I need (2) bundles to cover (2) 2’ x 13’ roofs. Would any of you really bother tar papering deck of these firewood racks?