First roof in 08

started my first roof in 08.
15sq , 3tab , off/on , low slope.
not much but im happy.
its so dead in tampa bay.

hope everyone is doin better.


congrats, hopefully many more to come

Tuesday is my 3rd full re-roof, got 2 in the pipe. Just signed a contract today for a porch repair; 7.33 squares, 4:12. It’s an 1890’s Victorian with a 1/4 wrap around porch & there’s issues on 2 areas.

The fun part is going to be working with the old point flashing around 2 round columns.

Included up to 2 pieces of 3/4" deck (to match the 1x solid plank or shiplap deck that was installed somewhere around the last century) & up to 40 lin. ft. of plank decking, plus 12 lin. ft of Hardie fascia & around 20 ft. or so of truss or rafter work.

Soffit, too… 20 lin. ft of that as well. Ply type, no Hardie wanted there. I may post photos later on another thread.

Things were slow in December through mid January, what with people wanting to spend on Xmas & get over that hump, but things are moving back into action lately.

As long as there are houses, there will be a need to fix them in one way or another. If you are solely dependant on new construction, you’ll feel the pain of market swings more than anyone else (Roof Buster, are you listening?).

Hi Gweedo,

That is tough. Hope things turn around for you.

I have work. The weather is keeping me from doing it.

yeah lefty , you guys up there have
gotten alot of help from mother nature this year.

love to have that rain down here.

thanks for the replys.